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Chili Paste

Chili Paste or 'Nam Prik' is a general term for spicy chili sauce and  kind of like the “veggies and dip” of Thai cuisine. Their common ingredients include fresh or dry chilies, garlic, shallots, lime juice  and often with baked shrimp paste or 'Kapi'. Nam Prik is normally eaten as a condiment or dipping sauce with boiled vegetables and fried fishes. But many kinds made perfect as rice seasonings and noodle dishes. 

There are a wide variety of Nam Prik in Thailand, and each region has their own variations and flavors. 

Name in Thai: น้ำพริกกุ้งเสียบ Brand: 14 Brands
Originated from the south of Thailand, Dried Shrimp Chili Paste, called 'Nam Prik Koong Sieb' in Thai, is a flavorful chili dip  made from chili, garlic, shallots, baked shrimp paste (Kapi). And what makes this chili paste special is the whole dried shrimps  that give this chili paste a de..
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Name in Thai: น้ำพริกน้ำย้อย Brand: 14 Brands
A truly Northern Thai cuisine from Prae Province, this chili paste is a combination of ground chilies in oil,  aromatic fried garlic, onion and pork rind as optional. It's tasty and a bit spicy, yet easy to eat because there's no pungent smell or something fermented. In fact, this particular ki..
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Name in Thai: น้ำพริกปลาสลิด Brand: Multi Brands
Fried Snakeskin Gourami Fish Mixed in Chili Paste..
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Name in Thai: น้ำพริกคั่วกลิ้ง Brand: 12 Brands
Many Southern Thai recipes are spicy by nature. And Kua Kling is one of the cuisine that reflects the authentic of southern Thai taste.Characterized by its flavorful of hot and spicy, Kua Kling is basically a stir fried dry curry, and can be made with many kinds of meat including pork, chicken, beef..
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Name in Thai: น้ำพริกหนุ่ม Brand: 13 Brands
Originated from Northern Thailand, Northern Thai Green Chili Dip, called Nam Prik Noom in Thai,  is one of the tastiest chili dips, mostly eaten with raw or boiled greens, sticky rice, or grilled pork or crispy pork rind. You can commonly find in the north of Thailand especially in Chiangmai pr..
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Name in Thai: น้ำพริกตาแดง Brand: 14 Brands
Nam Prik Ta Daeng is literally translated as red-eye chili sauce is Red Hot Chili Paste made from dry chilies mixed with fish sauce and lime juice. It's fiery spicy, and definitely add the heat to whatever you put it on...
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Name in Thai: น้ำพริกเผา Brand: 15 Brands
Thai Roasted Chili Paste, 'called Nam Prik Pao' in Thai, is spicy and sweet chili paste with rich flavors from roasted mixed spices. It's commonly used in many Thai dishes, especially with Prik Pao stir fry and creamy Tom Yum.Selected only qualified Thai brands, we present a variety of Thai roasted ..
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Name in Thai: น้ำพริกมันกุ้ง Brand: 13 Brands
Originated from the South of Thailand, Shrimp Heads Oil Chili Paste, called 'Nam Prik Mun Koong' in Thai,  is less spicy compared with other chili pastes, yet very flavorful from natural buttery substance in shrimp heads, along with ground chili, garlic, pepper,  soybean oil and fish sauce..
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Name in Thai: น้ำพริกหมูกระจก Brand: 12 Brands
Spicy Pork Crackling or 'Nam Prik Moo Kra Jok' is  stir-fried pork rinds mixed with garlic, shallots, and flavor with sugar, salt and spicy chili paste. It's hot sour, salty, sweet with full flavors of herbs.  It's a perfect snack or can easily enjoy it with plain white rice or with noodle..
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Name in Thai: น้ำพริกนรก Brand: 15 Brands
Super Spicy Red Hot Chili Dip or 'Nam Prik Na-Rok' in Thai, is translated as chili sauce form hell.  Needless to say, you can expect fiery heat and spicy from this chili dipping sauce.  Along with masses on chillies, lime juice, and fish sauce, a variations of meat as flavoring ingredients..
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