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Wholesale Hair Care from Thailand

Quality hair care featuring herbal extracted shampoos, conditioners, hair serums, hair tonics, hair spas. Best-selling and popular brands with wholesale prices from Thailand.

Name in Thai: แคทเธอรีน Brand: CATHERINE
Catherine Ezi color shampoo is ammonia-free for covering white hair with soft treatment in 25ml sachet. It has a gentle smell and gives natural hair color while soft and shiny after use, Nourishes hair from root to tipReducing lack of hair lossEasy to use, fragrant, safe not allergicExtracts fr..
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Name in Thai: โฟร์ วาย แอล Brand: 4YL
Made from Thai and Asian organic Herb, 4YL is effective Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner offering two different formulas:1. 4YL Bai Mee Formula for Hair Loss Reduction2. 4YL Bergamot For Anti-Dandruff Conditioner..
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Name in Thai: อภัยภูเบศร Brand: ABHAIBHUBEJHR
From the famous Thai beauty care manufacturer Abhaibhubejhr, these Herbal shampoo  with different formulas against hair loss, early gray hair and oily scalp 1. ABHAIBHUBEJHR Aloe Vera Shampoo & Conditioner Keep hairs moisturized suitable for dry hair2. ABHAIBHUBEJHR Butterfly Pea ..
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Name in Thai: อโทปาล์ม Brand: ATOPALM
Atopalm is a renowned skincare brand that emerged from the heartfelt journey of Founder Dr. Raymond Park, who developed a safe and effective formula to heal his son's sensitive skin. With over two decades of expertise, Atopalm has become a household name and a trusted leader in Korea, consistently v..
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Name in Thai: ทรีทเม้นท์น้ำมันมะพร้าว Brand: Multi Brands
Coconut oil effectively helps moisturize and repair damaged hair, while have several benefits for your hair and scalp. It's excellent to use as hair mask and leave-in treatment.Best Selling COCONUT OIL Hair Treatment and Spa from ThailandCAREBEAU Coconut Hair Treatment - 500 mlCOCONUT OIL Hair Treat..
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Name in Thai: แคร์บิว Brand: CAREBEAU
CAREBEAU Hair Color Shampoo, Ammonia Free with All Color ShadesWith coconut oil extracted and keratin, Carebeau Hair Color Shampoo is ammonia free, no harsh chemical and pungent smell. It helps cover white and grey hair in all color shades...
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Name in Thai: แคร์ริ่ง Brand: CARING
Enriched with collagen and vitamin E, CARING Hair treatment is suitable for all hair types, moisturized from the root to the tip for smooth, silky and healthy hair. It comes with a number of formular to choose from:1. CARING Hair Treatment, AHA (Green) - 250 g 2. CARING Hair Treatment, Ori..
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Name in Thai: คาริสต้า Brand: CARISTA
CARISTA Premium Goat Milk Keratin hair mask coats and nourishes hair to restore healthy hair. It also prevents dandruff, nourish hair roots, making hair more lush and shine as well as soft and smooth all day. Reduce lack of hair loss, restore moisture to the hair.CARISTA - Goat Milk Premium Kerati..
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Name in Thai: ครูเซ็ท Brand: CRUSET
CRUSET Silky Hair Coat Keratin is an intensive leave-on hair serum formulated with Keratin that helps to rejuvenate dry, damaged, and aging hair, leaving it feeling soft, sleek, and healthy. Infused with Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E, this serum protects hair color and helps defend against pollution. 1. ..
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Name in Thai: ดีแคช Brand: DCASH
Floral color shampoo, covering white hair with natural ingredients with floral fragrance,  to completely cover white hair in a short time.Contains natural herbal ingredients includingBergamotButterfly PeaSesame oilAloe Vera..
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Name in Thai: ดับเบิ้ล ที Brand: DOUBLE T
Experience the remarkable benefits of DOUBLE T Hair Essence, a hair treatment enriched with natural oil extracts.Accelerates hair growth by 3-4 centimeters in 1 montRestores hair from all types of damageLong-lasting and pleasant fragrance throughout the day1.DOUBLE T Hair Essence Repair and Protecti..
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Name in Thai: แฟรี่ปาย Brand: FAIRYPAI
FAIRYPAI offers a range of hair care products to nourish and revitalize your hair. Their products include a hair serum, herbal shampoo, hair treatment cream, and hair collagen booster. These products are designed to help nourish and protect your hair, leaving it healthy, shiny, and full of life. Whe..
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