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Body Cream & Lotion

Body creams and lotions from a wide variety of top-selling Thai brands, featuring moisturizing and whitening offering wholesale prices. Deliver worldwide from Thailand.

Name in Thai: 11ดับบลิว Brand: 11W
11W Whitening Body Lotion is a skin-brightening lotion that comes in a 200ml size. It helps to restore and rejuvenate the skin, evening out skin tone and reducing the appearance of dark spots and dullness. The lightweight and non-greasy formula of this lotion provides effective moisturization withou..
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Name in Thai: 8888 โททอล ดับเบิ้ล Brand: 8888 TOTAL DOUBLE
8888 Total Double Whitening features Lotion, Serum, Soap & Underarm cream. With Gluta x10 Vit C, E A combination of fruit whitening soap. Reveal new skin naturally radiant. Wholesale prices from Thailand.8888 Total White Underarm Cream - 35 g8888 Total Double Whitening Serum - 40 g8888 Total Dou..
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Name in Thai: เอบอนเน่ Brand: A BONNE
BONNE' Perfume Whitening Lotion to instantly boosts moisture, brighten up the skin tone while give all-day-long perfume fragrance.1. A BONNE' Perfume Whitening Lotion, Papaya Turmeric - 500 ml2. A BONNE' Perfume Whitening Lotion, Carrot Peach - 500 ml3. A BONNE' Very Sexy Serum Whitening Simmer..
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Name in Thai: เอบอนเน่ Brand: A BONNE
Abonne Shea Butter cream with Vitamin C & Vitamin E Active White and hydrating. A high-moisture body butter cream, instant whitening and nourishing skin. 1. A BONNE' Sheabutter Cream, Vitamin C Active White - 300 g2. A BONNE' Sheabutter Cream Vitamin E Super Hydrating - 300 g..
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Name in Thai: เอ บอนเน่ Brand: A BONNE'
A Bonne Hokkaido Milk Whitening Lotion 400ml is rich and smooth lotion formulated with different ingredients for different healthy benefits.A Bonne Hokkaido Milk Whitening Lotion 400ml formulated with milk extract from Hokkaido and glutathione nanowhite to soften and brighten your skin.A Bonne Mirac..
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Name in Thai: เอแอลไฮยา Brand: AL HYA
HYA Gold Essence Serum to naturally brighten and revitalize the skin, while reduce the spot and tighten pores.AL HYA Essence Gold Serum - 500 mlAL HYA Essence Gold Booster Serum - 100 mlAL HYA Gluta Soap 500 g + Whitening Essence Water 500 mlAL HYA Gluta Soap - 150 g..
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Name in Thai: เอมิส Brand: AMICE
Contains natural extracts deeply nourish the skin, AMICE All-Day and All-Night formula are a sunscreen serum that lasts for 12 hours with a long lasting fragrance imported from France.with the With ingredient from pomegranate extracted containing substances to inhibit skin pigments while reduce wrin..
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Name in Thai: เอน่าแคร์ Brand: ANA CARE
Experience the ultimate nourishment for your skin with ANA Care Vitamin C Body Serum Essence. Packed with potent Vitamin C, this fast-absorbing gel formula deeply moisturizes and leaves your skin soft, supple, and radiant. Enriched with concentrated Vitamin C extracts and safe orange-derived ingredi..
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Name in Thai: อะเนล่า Brand: ANELAA
Experience the radiance with ANELAA's Hya Arbutin Vita Plus cream, Charmming Body Mask, and Brightening Smooth Body Soap. These products, enriched with Hya, Alpha Arbutin, and natural extracts, offer instant softness, target discoloration, and leave your skin glowing and hydrated. Elevate your skinc..
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Name in Thai: เออาร์ Brand: AR
AR Vitamin E body cream with different formulas. Body cream for all you need for the skin care...
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Name in Thai: อโทปาล์ม Brand: ATOPALM
Atopalm is a renowned skincare brand that emerged from the heartfelt journey of Founder Dr. Raymond Park, who developed a safe and effective formula to heal his son's sensitive skin. With over two decades of expertise, Atopalm has become a household name and a trusted leader in Korea, consistently v..
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Name in Thai: บีไวท์ Brand: BE WHITE
BE WHITE harnesses the power of pineapple and lime in their skincare products to promote a smooth and radiant complexion. Their Body Serum, suitable for sensitive skin, reduces dark spots and uneven tone while infusing the skin with the brightening properties of these natural ingredients. The Soap e..
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