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Best-selling foods and food ingredients from Thailand offering in wholesale prices. Ship from Thailand to your country.

Name in Thai: ยัมมี่ ผงปรุงรส Brand: YUMMY
YUMMY is incredibly varsatile sprinkle seasoning powders which you can put it in your favorite menu to spice up the taste whether it's french fries, crispy fried chicken or fried skin chicken snacks, banana chips, beans and nuts, seaweed, salad, potato chips. It features a number of your favorite fl..
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Name in Thai: รสดีเมนู Brand: ROSDEE MENU
ROSDEE MENU is seasoning Powder to make your favorite Thai menu deliciously. With completed ingredients and seasoning in one sachet, you can easily follow the instruction and enjoy dishes with a Thai taste and aroma every day.There are a variety of menus available for your select..
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Name in Thai: น้ำพริกเผา Brand: 4 Brands
Thai Roasted Chili Paste, 'called Nam Prik Pao' in Thai, is spicy and sweet chili paste with rich flavors from roasted mixed spices. It's commonly used in many Thai dishes, especially with Prik Pao stir fry and creamy Tom Yum.Selected only qualified Thai brands, we present a variety of Thai roasted ..
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Name in Thai: น้ำปลาหอยเป๋าฮื้อ Brand: ABALONE
Produced from fresh and high-quality anchovy and containing 16% protien, ABALONE BRAND Fish Sauce is super premium grade fish sauce created by a master chef with more than 50 years of experience.Full of umami taste with fragrance hard to resistHigh protient upto 16% with natural amino acidsUse extre..
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Name in Thai: อายิโนะโมะโต๊ะ Brand: AJINOMOTO
A popular seasoning and flavor enhancer, AJINOMOTO is an MSG (monosodium glutamate) product, is the purest form of umami, the fifth taste, altogether different from sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. AJI-NOMOTO is widely used to intensify and enhance umami flavors in sauces, broths, soups, an..
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Name in Thai: อสร. Brand: AOR SOR-ROR
A variety of dipping sauces essential for many Thai dishes including seafood sauce, stir freied sauce, sukiyaki sauce, sweet chili sauce and spicy tamarind sacue, AOR SOR-ROR is long established Thai brand with quality and affordable sauces commonly used in Thai kitchen.AOR SOR-ROR Sukiyaki Sauce Ca..
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Name in Thai: อสร. Brand: AOR-SOR-ROR
AOR-SOR-ROR Distilled Vinegar 5% is a versatile and essential ingredient in many recipes. It is a clear, colorless liquid made from the fermentation of grains such as corn, barley, or wheat. The 5% acidity level of this vinegar makes it perfect for pickling, preserving, and marinades. It can also be..
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Name in Thai: อะยัม Brand: AYAM
While most of the world uses the small navy beans, AYAM Baked Bean is made from premium quality big beans, the great northern beans. They are imported directly from the USA.No preservativesNo MSGTrans-fat in its productsBig and tender imported Great Northern Beans..
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Name in Thai: อะยัม Brand: AYAM
Ayam Brand Sardine & Mackeral in Tomato Sauce is accredited with the Healthier Choice by Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB), given it's lower in sodium. Enjoy it with rice or noodles for a simple and healthy meal.Large pieces of selected Sardine & Mackeral fishRich tomato sauceSardines i..
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Name in Thai: อะยัม Brand: AYAM
Wild-caught tuna with an all-natural taste, AYAM Canned Tuna is high lean protein food either in brine which is low in fat or in virgin olive oil which gives the juicy texture.Low in fat. High lean protein food.Great for the gym enthusiastNo preservationNo MSG..
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Name in Thai: บ้านสุดา Brand: BAAN SUDA
With authentic Southern curry recipe, BAAN SUDA has continued their business for over 30 years from Trang, a province adjacent to the southern Andaman sea. The curry pastes are crafted from choosing  raw materials until the details of the production, to offer quality of the taste and the unique..
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Name in Thai: บีนน่า Brand: BEANNA
BEANNA Beans Protein, the first in Thailand that comes in the form of protein shakes 5 color pea plant protein, no soaking, no boiling, just tear the shake and drink.Nourish the 5 internal organs and strengthen the immune systemRich in vitamins and mineralsHigh fiber and good fats from lentils.Conta..
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