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In addition to typical potato Chips from major players like Lay's or Tasto,  there are many different kind of chips made from a variety of ingredents  including fruit chips or root vegetable chips. But the best part about chip snacks from Thailand is there are number of traditional Thai-taste flavors avaialble to try.  So chances are you find some of your favourite Thai foods as chips, making them perfect as snacks or souvenirs to bring home.

Name in Thai: อาริกะโตะ Brand: ARINGATO
ARINGATO crackers are a delicious and crispy snack from Thailand that come in a variety of flavors, such as spicy shrimp, grilled squid, and mixed spice. These bite-sized crackers are made with high-quality ingredients and are perfect for snacking on the go. ARINGATO crackers are a popular choice fo..
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Name in Thai: บานาน่า โซไซตี้ Brand: BANANA SOCIETY
Used quality bananas from local farmers, BANANA SOCIETY lift up the image of local snack to a premium product with high standard process from the production to packaing. They even invented their own drying process -- thawed bananas are dried for a day in a parabola dome before passing a hygiene ..
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Name in Thai: บันบัน Brand: BUN BUN
Calbee BUN BUN crispy green pea snack is available in a few different flavors e.g, Original Green pea, Stix Japanese Seaweed, Black Sour Cream & Onion. Wholesale Discounted!Bun Bun, Original -16 gBun Bun, Stix Japanese seaweed -16 gBun Bun, Black Sour Cream & Onion -14 g Bun Bun, Origin..
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Name in Thai: เจ้าสัว Brand: CHAOSUA
Crunchy Rice Cracker with Flossy Pork is traditional and top-favorite Thai snack.  But due to the complication in making, they can be found more of a home made recipe, or at least you don't find it very commonly in Thai restaurants. But CHAOSUA changes the way you can get a bite for this snack ..
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Name in Thai: ชีโตส Brand: CHEETOS
Enriched with corn and cheese, CHEETOS is popular crunchy snack presented in Cheese and Seafood flavor packed into crunchy delicious sticks. Bold flavor and light texture. Must Try...
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Name in Thai: ชิมมะ Brand: CHIMMA
CHIMMA is the first brand that has created fruit snacks with coconut milk dip. Traditionally, coconut milk is a key ingredient for many Thai desserts including Thai fruit desserts such as Durian and Mango with sticky rice on top with aromatic coconut milk, something not to be missed.  CHIMMA tw..
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Name in Thai: คอนเน่ Brand: CORNAE
Funnel shaped but not funny taste, CORNNE is crispy corn snack that has been around for generations. So in Thailand, they are one of the classic chip snacks, you can always find it in convenient store, and would certainly feel delighted to get some bites every once in a while. Despite having only a..
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Name in Thai: คอร์นพัฟฟ์ Brand: CORNPUFF
Corn Puff is a non-freied natural corn chips repackaged with a new design.  It's also halal certified.Halal certifiedNon-friedFavorite's children snack..
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Name in Thai: ไดโนพาร์ค Brand: DINOPARK
Shaped like various dinosaur species, DINOPARK Crackers come in a variety of flavors to satisfy different tastes. With differentiated dinosaur-shaped, it's fun and playful, making them a versatile snack that is great for any occasion, from parties to lunchboxes.1. DINOPARK Cracker, Seafood Flavor -..
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Name in Thai: โดโซะ Brand: DOZO
When it comes to rice cracker, DOZO is one of the brands that come to mind for Thai market. They are simply tasty and very easy to enjoy as a all-occasion snack or something between meals. Their main ingredient is rice which processed by baking not frying, making it a healthy delicious snack. Avail..
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Name in Thai: เอฟเอฟ สแมช Brand: FF SMASH
Exciting and tasty snack that offers a delightful twist on traditional noodles, FF SMASH is crispy, savory and available in a variety of bold and delicious flavors. Perfect for on-the-go snacking, FF SMASH delivers an irresistible combination of crunch and flavor in every bite.FF SMASH, Chicken Flav..
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Name in Thai: เอฟเอฟ Brand: FF
Features a stick-like shape and a savory flavor, FF STIX" is a type of cracker snack that is not only crunchy, but come in various flavors, such as cheese or barbecue. FF STIX may be enjoyed as a snack on their own or as a complement to dips or spreads.FF Stick Snack, Original - 65 gFF Stick Snack,..
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