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Dried Herbs

Find dried herbs and spices used in authentic Thai food recipes from many Thai suppliers, e.g.,  kaffir lime leaves, lemon grass, ginger, galangal, butterfly pea, pandan leaves, offering at a wholesale prices. Bulk pack and resaleable custom pack available.

Name in Thai: มะตูมอบแห้ง Brand: Dried Bael Fruits Wholesale
Produced from 100% Bael fruit, chemical free. NO preservatives. All natural process with solar dried.Called 'Matum in Thai, Bael fruit is unique plant which has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial property. Due to rich in Tannin, Bael fruit helps in curing digestive disorders and diseases like..
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Name in Thai: ดอกอัญชัญตากแห้ง Brand: Dried Butterfly Pea Flowers
Grade A dried butterfly pea flowers sourced from organically grown farms, pesticide free and no preservatives. And selected only quality grade.Dried Pure Butterfly Pea Flowers are commonly used  for a healthy drink, herbal tea or colorful drink.  It's edible and used as a cooking ingredien..
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Name in Thai: กระเจี๊ยบอบแห้ง Brand: Dried Roselle
Dried Roselle Premium Grade Wholesale from Thailand. Quality selected. Full of antioxidants and immune support, Dried Hibiscus Roselle is a great ingredient for tea blends! Can also be used for perfumes,candles,soaps and other crafts...
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Name in Thai: ใบกะเพราอบแห้ง Brand: Dried Holy Basil Leaves
100% pure and natural dried Holy Basil leaves or dried Tulsi leaves.Known as kraphao in the Thai language,  Holy Basil leaves are commonly used in Thai cuisine with best known for stir-fry dish made with this herb.How to use : soak dried holy basil in hot/cold water and it will return like..
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Name in Thai: ใบมะกรูดแห้ง Brand: Quality Selected
Mainly produced in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kaffir lime leaves are dark green and shiny leaves from Kaffir lime tree.  It is popular delicacy of South East Asian cuisine, to add aromatic and elegant flavour to stir-fries, curry, salad and fish dishes.Our dried kaffir lime leaves are ..
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Name in Thai: ตะไตร้อบแห้ง Brand: Dried Lemon Grass
Made from Lemongrass chemical free, our Dried lemongrass is dried in a closed system with low temperature as to retain nutritional value. It can be stored for more than 12 months.Lemongrass is known for its refreshing and tangy taste, reminiscent of lemon with a hint of herbal undertones. These drie..
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Name in Thai: ใบเตยอบแห้ง Brand: Dried Pandan Leaves
Called Bai Toey Hom in Thai, Pandanus or Pandan Leaves is an essential ingredient  in Thai cuisine, especially to add aromatic flavor and scent in many desserts. Our freshly dried pandan leaves are from traditional growers in Thailand wihtout preservatives. Bulk pack and resaleable custom pack ..
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Name in Thai: ขมิ้นชันอบแห้ง Brand: Dried Turmeric
Made from turmeric 100%, our dried turmeric are quality selected. Dried and sliced, conveniently used for foods ingredients.Rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties,  Turmeric is also used for alternative medicines such as skin diseases, digestive issues, diarrhea, hemorroids, stoma..
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Name in Thai: หญ้าหวาน Brand: Dried Stevia Leaves
Dried Stevia and Stevia powder made from 100% stevia leaves.  Qaulity grade selected. Very clean and hygenic and premium quality, freshly produced from qualified manufacturer with a decade of experinces. Stevia has almost no calories and suitable for diabetics and Keto dieters. It can be used t..
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Name in Thai: ข่าแผ่นอบแห้ง Brand: Quality Selected
Sliced Dried Greater Galangal - Alpinia Galanga. Perfect for food ingredient such as Tom Yum and Tom Kha Soups. Qaulity selected. Wholesale prices.Dried Galangal Slices might look similar to dried ginger, but the taste and smell are different. Galangal is an essential ingredient for authentic flavor..
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