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Agriculture is a major contributor to the Thai economy as it has  improved the lives of many Thai people.  Yet agriculture in Thailand is highly competitive and diversified and makes  top ranked exporter of many crops and agriculture commodities including rice, durian, pineapples, coconuts, tapioca, coffee as well as some spices and herbs.

Name in Thai: ชาดอกบัวสีน้ำเงิน Brand: Blue Lotus Tea - Whole Flower
100% Natural dried Blue Lotus petals with stamens or Blue lotus tea. Nymphaea Caerulea. Organically grown.Known to be high in antioxidants such as flavonoids, quercetin, myricetin, and kaempferol, Blue lotus has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years as a natural aphrodisiac, sleep..
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Name in Thai: ผงกล้วยดิบ Brand: Green Banana Powder
Made from raw Cultivated Banana organically grown, chemical and pesticide free, our raw banana powder is 100 % meat banana. No flour, no sugar and very fine powder made fresh to order.No flourNo sugarOnly from banana meat, no peel..
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Name in Thai: สารสกัดหญ้าหวานชนิดผง Brand: Stevia Powder
An all natural sweetener with low calorie, Green stevia powder is a great substitute to sugar for those who are ketogenic, diabetic, or simply looking for a healthy alternative. Stevia powder made from 100% organic stevia leavesAppearance: fine powder, green, smells like fresh tea leavesIdeal for an..
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Name in Thai: ผงดอกอัญชัน Brand: Fine Butterfly Pea Powder
Our Butterfly Pea Powder is made from 100% organic whole butterfly pea flowers, pure, natural and no artificial flavors, no fragrance added  free from any harmful chemicals or additives.  Its' soluble in both plain water and soda. .Butterfly Pea Powder is rich in Anthocyanin, antioxidants ..
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Name in Thai: ขมิ้นชันผงแท้ 100% Brand: Turmeric Powder
Made from real 100% pure Turmeric root, our fine turmeric powder has no artificial flavors, no fragrance adde.  Free from any harmful chemicals or additives.Turmeric powder versatile spice and rich with potential health benefits. Its vibrant color, distinct flavor, and potential medicinal prope..
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Name in Thai: ขิงผง 100% Brand: 100% Ginger Powder
100% Ginger Powder made from pure mature ginger powder. No sugar added. No any additives. Full of health benefits. It is produced from natural ingredients, so it may contain natural ginger fibers and threads...
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Name in Thai: ผงตะไคร้ Brand: Lemon Grass Powder
Lemongrass is an essential ingredient in Thai, Indian and Vietnamese cuisine, especiall in curry pastes. It is also boiled to serve as a flavor herbal drink or herbal tea. It's also rich with nutritional values including calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin A...
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Name in Thai: มะตูมอบแห้ง Brand: Dried Bael Fruits Wholesale
Produced from 100% Bael fruit, chemical free. NO preservatives. All natural process with solar dried.Called 'Matum in Thai, Bael fruit is unique plant which has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial property. Due to rich in Tannin, Bael fruit helps in curing digestive disorders and diseases like..
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Name in Thai: ดอกอัญชัญตากแห้ง Brand: Dried Butterfly Pea Flowers
Grade A dried butterfly pea flowers sourced from organically grown farms, pesticide free and no preservatives. And selected only quality grade.Dried Pure Butterfly Pea Flowers are commonly used  for a healthy drink, herbal tea or colorful drink.  It's edible and used as a cooking ingredien..
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Name in Thai: ดอกคาร์เนชั่น Brand: Dried Carnation Flowers
With sweet and spicy flavor, Carnation flowers can be brewed in a healthy tea drink.It gives a healthy refreshing beverage beneficial for stomach with potential to improve blood circulation, boost metabolism and improve skin health.Also Carnations can be steeped in wine, candied, pickled, or used as..
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Name in Thai: ดอกหอมหมื่นลี้อบแห้ง Brand: Fragrant Tea Olive Flower
Also known as Sweet Osmanthus, Sweet Olive and fragrant olive, Fragrant Tea Olive is a edible floral species native to Asia with medicinal properties. The color is light apricot blending with peach and has naturally flower's scent...
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Name in Thai: ชาฮิบิสคัส Brand: Hibiscus Tea
Made from dried hibiscus petals, Hibiscus Flower tea has been consumed for thousands of years. The tea can be served hot or cold by simply steeping the flowers in boiling hot water for a few minutes to make tea, which allows you to enjoy the full flavor of hibiscus.Dried hibiscus flowers also contai..
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