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Perfume, Mist & Powder

Variety of perfume, spray mist and powder from qualified Thai brands  featuring best-selling and popular items including, perfume, body and facial mist as well as facial and body powder.  Wholesale prices, deliver worldwide from Thailand.

Name in Thai: บูเต้ Brand: BUTAE
BUTAE' Facial Powder is light texture powder gentle on skin.Beaute Powder gives a smooth, firm, long-lasting finish, giving a matte finish look, good coverage, smooth, clear, natural-looking skin.BUTAE' Super Oil Control Powder, #01 Pale Nature - 14 gBUTAE' Super Oil Control Powder, #02 Soft Beige -..
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Name in Thai: เคที่ดอลล์ Brand: CATHY DOLL
CATHY DOLL Perfume Lotion perfumed body lotion to fill your skin with effervescent feeling with the combination of refreshingfruits and flowers.1. CATHY DOLL Perfume Lotion, Red Rule - 150 ml2. CATHY DOLL Perfume Lotion, Bare Heart - 150 ml3. CATHY DOLL Perfume Lotion, White Moon - 150 ml4. CATHY DO..
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Name in Thai: ซิตร้า Brand: CITRA
Made from 100% natural essence, CITRA Thai Aura Perfume Body Gel is a popular body perfume gel to help brighten up the skin tone while leaving all day long refreshing scent with 3 different inspired by famous locations in Thailand i.e., Deep Sea Algae in Krabi sea, Lychee farm in Khayai, Double..
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Name in Thai: คลีโอพัตรา Brand: CLEOPATRA
Experience the refreshing confidence with CLEOPATRA Body Fresh Powder, a scented talcum powder that effectively neutralizes body odor. This body freshener keeps you comfortable and dry throughout the day, leaving a lasting, pleasant fragrance. Perfect for post-shower use, CLEOPATRA Body Fresh Powder..
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Name in Thai: คิวท์เพรส Brand: CUTE PRESS
Cute Press Mineral Facial Mist is a skincare spray specially formulated for a natural-looking makeup finish. Its finely dispersed mist, available in three formulas - Softening, Brightening, and Refreshing - quickly absorbs into the skin, providing long-lasting makeup hold. The mist particles are inc..
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Name in Thai: คิสมายบอดี้ Brand: KISS MY BODY
Introducing Kiss My Body, the perfect travel companion! This 75g lotion and perfume mist combo comes in four irresistible scents: Sweet Poison for a classy and sexy vibe, Lost in Paradise for a charming aura, and Crazy in Love for a bold and vibrant fragrance. The lightweight formula absorbs quickly..
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Name in Thai: เอ็มหนึ่งร้อยสี่สิบแปด Brand: M148
M148 Pomanduo Mineral Facial Spray is a hydrating and protective facial spray that leaves your skin looking clear and radiant. Its mineral water and moisturizing blend help lock in moisture, keeping your skin hydrated for up to 24 hours. Suitable for all skin types, it strengthens the skin's barrier..
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Name in Thai: มุนอาเฮ้าส์ Brand: MOONA HOUSE
MOONA House, the embodiment of fresh and glowing beauty, offers skincare and body care products that come in convenient and affordable packaging. Thoughtfully formulated with high-quality ingredients sourced from Korea, their products allow you to confidently enhance your natural beauty. With MoonA ..
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Name in Thai: ศศิ Brand: SASI
Introducing Sasi Loose Powder, a versatile collection of high-quality powders designed to cater to different skin types and needs. With a lightweight and finely milled texture, these powders effortlessly control excess oil and absorb shine, leaving the skin looking fresh and matte. Each variant offe..
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Name in Thai: ชิเซโด้ Brand: SHISEIDO
Shiseido Baby Powder is a finely-textured pressed powder that is lightweight and gentle on the skin, providing a comfortable and natural-looking finish. It is specifically formulated without color, making it suitable for all skin types, even sensitive and delicate baby skin. This powder is fragrance..
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Name in Thai: แป้งตรางู Brand: SNAKE BRAND
Snake brand prickly heat cooling powder is the original cooling, refreshing and soothing powder which is effective in relieving itching, prickly heat rash and skin irritation from hot weather, delivering fresh scent from natural aromas. Suitable for daily use for the whole family.SNAKE BRAND Cooling..
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Name in Thai: ซอฟเฟล Brand: SOFFELL
Made from herbs extracted, Soffell is a powerful mosquito repellent in the forms of lotion and spray with natural fragrance. Soffell can be used to protect the body from mosquito bites in any occasions, while moisturizes skin.SOFFELL Mosquito Repellent Spray, Floral Fragrance - 80 mlSOFFELL Mosquito..
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