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Lip Care

Lip Care to prevent dry chapped lips, while nourishing and hydrating to keep lips smooth, soft and pink. Featuring top-selling Thai brands with variety of lip balm, therapy lips, jelly lips and color lips offering wholesale prices. Deliver worldwide from Thailand.

Name in Thai: บาวาเรีย Brand: BAVARIA
With value of Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Q10, BAVARIA Lipstick is herbal extracted lips for more volume and moistured lips with delightful pinkish color...
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Name in Thai: เภสัชกร Brand: BHAESAJCHAKORN
Rich with vitamin E & refreshing fruit fragrance, BHAESAJCHAKORN Lips care offer quality lips care toprevent dry chapped lips, while nourishing and hydrating to keep lips smooth, soft and pink.1. BHAESAJCHAKORN Lips Care - 2 g 2. BHAESAJCHAKORN Soft Lip Care Pink - 8 g3. BHAESAJCHAKORN Ultra Lip..
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Name in Thai: บีเอสซี Brand: BSC
Protect lips from UV while Moisturizes and nourishes, BSC Honei V UV Softer Lipcare is a nourishing lip with soft texture with honeycomb extracts and vitamin E Protects lips from UV rays with ORYZANOL (rice germ extract). 1. BSC Honei V UV Softer Lipcare, Orange - 3 g2. BSC Honei V UV Softer Lipcar..
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Name in Thai: แคปปุ วินี่ Brand: CAPPUVINI
Indulge your lips with the Cappuvini Honey Lip Mask. This popular lip balm is formulated with the goodness of honey to provide deep hydration and nourishment. Its adorable packaging and delightful honey scent make it a must-have for keeping your lips smooth and moisturized. Experience the joy of sof..
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Name in Thai: คาร์เม็กซ์ Brand: CARMEX
A convenient medicated lip balm to soothe and protect dry and chapped lips, CARMEX Original Lip Balm provides long-lasting protective barrier to help soften and hydrate lips with moisturizing cocoa butter cools and soothes lips with camphor and menthol. Available in convenient stick and squeezable t..
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Name in Thai: ชีววิถี Brand: CHIVAVITHI
Chivavithi Coconut Soft Lip Scrub is a natural lip scrub enriched with coconut oil and coconut powder. It effectively exfoliates dark and dry lips, leaving them moisturized and soft. With its compact and travel-friendly packaging, it is convenient to use anytime, anywhere. The scrub contains vitamin..
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Name in Thai: โคริโกะ Brand: CORIKO
Introducing CORIKO Debute Lady Nipple Cream, the ultimate solution for darkened lips. This versatile cream, suitable for both lips and nipples, features a gel-like texture that effectively moisturizes and revitalizes dry, cracked lips. Choose from three delightful fragrances - Strawberry for pl..
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Name in Thai: ดีเซย์ Brand: DEESAY
Introducing DEESAY Lip Repair Serum, a soft and glossy serum that enhances the plumpness and health of your lips. This serum is specially formulated to prevent dryness, cracking, and darkening of the lips. Infused with collagen extracts, it helps rejuvenate and restore the natural beauty of your lip..
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Name in Thai: เดอร์ม่า พรรณ Brand: DERMA PAN
Experience the transformative power of DERMA PAN Lip Balm, the innovative solution for darkened lips. This new formula, backed by dermatologists, is gentle and effective for all skin types. With its compact size and affordable price, it's the number one choice to lighten and restore natural pink lip..
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Name in Thai: เอลิซ่า เฮเลนน่า Brand: ELIZA HELENA
ELIZA HELENA Jelly Lip Balm Lip balm for nourishing lips with the value of vitamin E.Add adds moisture to the lips while maintaining healthy lips. Different formulas:1. ELIZA HELENA Jelly Lip Balm, Original - 9 g2. ELIZA HELENA Jelly Lip Balm, Strawberry - 9 g3. ELIZA HELENA Jelly Lip Balm..
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Name in Thai: ไอรีน Brand: IRENE
Made from coconut and sesame oil, ILENE Lip care is nourishing and hydrating lip care to hep prevent dry chapped lips, while enchance volume and moisture lips. Keep your lips smooth, soft and pink.No Parabens.Alcohol Free.There are 9 fragrances available.1. IRENE Lip Care, Coconut - 10 g2. IRENE Lip..
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Name in Thai: จูจุ๊บ Brand: JUJUBE
Introducing JUJUBE Lip Balm and Scrub: Experience the ultimate lip care sensation with this magical duo! Say goodbye to dry, cracked lips and hello to a luscious, pink pout. Enriched with natural extracts, the lip balm provides intense moisture while the gentle scrub exfoliates and nourishes, reveal..
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