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Body Scrub

Body scrub and spa as well as massage featuring best-selling spa salt scrub, sugar scrub, herbal scrub  from top natural ingredient like Tamarind, Turmeric and coffee, from many top Thai brands offering wholesale prices. Deliver worldwide from Thailand.

Name in Thai: เอบอนเน่ Brand: A BONNE
A BONNE'Salt Scrub is a finely grained silky salt scrub mixed with concentrated moisturizer plus vitamins, nutrients, natural extracts offering in convenient tube.1. A BONNE' Spa Milk Salt - 350 g 2. A BONNE' Spa Milk Tomato Extract - 350 g2. A BONNE' Spa Salt Vit C - 350 g3. A BONNE' Spa Salt ..
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Name in Thai: เอ บอนเน่ Brand: A BONNE'
A BONNE'Salt Scrub is a finely grained silky salt scrub mixed with concentrated moisturizer plus vitamins, nutrients, natural extracts from a variety of formula including:A BONNE' Whip Soap Thousand White, Sakura - 350 gA BONNE' Whip Soap Super Hydrating Watermelon - 350 gA BONNE' Whip Soap Mouistur..
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Name in Thai: เอแซนเต้ Brand: ASANTEE
Made from naturally derived salt and a combination of fruit extracts, ASANTE Salt Spa Scrub is fine grained salt scrub providing light exfoliation and stimulate collagen  for your skin. Make your complexion lighter,Fresher and silky smoothReduces facial acne and bodily rashes.Helps reduce ..
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Name in Thai: บีไวท์ Brand: BE WHITE
BE WHITE harnesses the power of pineapple and lime in their skincare products to promote a smooth and radiant complexion. Their Body Serum, suitable for sensitive skin, reduces dark spots and uneven tone while infusing the skin with the brightening properties of these natural ingredients. The Soap e..
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Name in Thai: แบร์คัฟฟี่ Brand: BEAR CUFFEE
Bear Cuffee Coffee Scrub Soap offers a revitalizing skincare experience with its exfoliating and rejuvenating properties. Made with 100% roasted coffee beans and tamarind extract, it gently removes dead skin cells and improves skin texture. Each bar undergoes strict quality control for a safe and ef..
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Name in Thai: สครับสมุนไพร Brand: Multi Brands
Naturally derived from herbs extracted, our selection for top-selling Thai brands for herbal body scrubs features effectivescurb with skin care benefits to help with skin exfoliating while keeping skin brighter and moisturized.1. MAPLE Herbal Scrub - 300 g2. BAAN TOONG Herbal Scrub - 290 g..
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Name in Thai: สครับขัดผิวมะขาม Brand: Multi Brands
Tamarind Body Scrubs are rich with AHA and effective for skin brightening.SUGAR GLUTA Tamarind AHA Brightening Scrub - 700 g x 12 jars THE QUEEN Tamarind Gluta scrub - 350 g x 12 jarsSCENTIO Very Thai Tamarind Body Scrub - 300 ml x 12 jarsKHAOKHO TALAYPU - 175 g x 12 tubesHER Tamarind Body Scr..
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Name in Thai: สครับขัดผิวขมิ้น Brand: Best Selling Brands
Turmeric mixed with herbs for skin nourishing and brighteningANGEL Turmeric & Tamarind Scrub - 400 g x 12 jarsGOOD SOM Milk Scrub, with Turmeric & Lime - 400 g x 12 jars100% Turmeric powder for Body Scrub - 50 g x 12 pcsNP Herbal Body Scrub - 290 g x 12 pcsSCENTIO Very Thai Turmeric Body Sc..
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Name in Thai: แคร์บิว Brand: CAREBEAU
CAREBEAU spa lightening salt good for restoring skin moisture and adding a healthy glow to the skin.including1. CAREBEAU Spa Lightening Salt, Tamarind - 700 g2. CAREBEAU Spa Lightening Salt, Orange - 700 g3. CAREBEAU Spa Lightening Salt, Tomato - 700 g4. CAREBEAU Spa Lightening Salt, Mixed Fruits - ..
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Name in Thai: ครูเซ็ท Brand: CRUSET
Cruset Salt Scrub is a body exfoliator that gently removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and revitalized. It features a unique blend of natural ingredients, including salt crystals, honey extract, and other nourishing extracts, which work together to help improve skin text..
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Name in Thai: ดีเน่ นาโน Brand: D-NE Nano
D-NE salt spa scrub is made from naturally derived salt and a combination of fruits and herbs extracted. It's refreshing salt spa scrub, while whitening the skin tone.1. D-NE Nano Salt Spa Scrub, Turmeric & Honey Extract - 700 ml2. D-NE Nano Salt Spa Scrub, Tomato & Goat Milk Extract -700 ml..
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Name in Thai: เดอลิเซ่ Brand: DERLISE
Naturally derived with fruits and herbs extracted,  DERLISE Spa salt Scurb is exfoliating for whitening skin, while keep skin hydrated.1. DERLISE Salt Spa Scrub, Turmeric & Honey - 800 g2. DERLISE Salt Spa Scrub, Milk & Honey - 800 g3. DERLISE Salt Spa Scrub, Tomato & Honey - 800 g4..
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