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SUTHERA Popular Thai Coconut Roll in Variety of Flavors, 192 g Box

SUTHERA Popular Thai Coconut Roll in Variety of Flavors,192 g Box

Called Thong Muan in Thai,  Coconut Roll is a crispy golden brown traditional Thai snack made from fresh coconut milk mixed with egg and flavor ingredients such as Taro or Pandan leaves. S UTHERA is one of the most well-known brands for Thai Coconut Roll, using advanced technology, and yet maintaining the sense of authentic Thai for taste and deliciousness. 100% Natural Ingredients. No Artificial Flavor. Trans Fat 0%

  1. SUTHERA Coconut Roll, Original - 192 g
  2. SUTHERA Coconut Roll, Pandan - 192 g
  3. SUTHERA Coconut Roll, Banana - 192 g
  4. SUTHERA Coconut Roll, Purple Potato - 192 g
  5. SUTHERA Coconut Roll, Strawberry - 192 g
  6. SUTHERA Coconut Roll, Cocoa - 192 g
  7. SUTHERA Coconut Roll, Durian - 192 g
  8. SUTHERA Coconut Roll, Garlic & Pepper - 192 g
  9. SUTHERA Coconut Roll, Sweet Corn - 192 g
SUTHERA Popular Thai Coconut Roll in Variety of Flavors, 192 g Box
  • Brand: 7-11 Snacks
  • Brand: SUTHERA
  • Shelf Life: 12 months
  • MOQ: 5 cartons
  • Name in Thai: ทองม้วนสุธีรา
Product Views: 4359
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  • 🐣: The most well-known Thai Coconut Roll
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