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PALDO Korean Instant Cup Noodle

PALDO Korean Instant Cup Noodle

Enjoy the culinary delights of Korean cuisine with Paldo instant noodles, from Hwa and Jjajan in cup noodle. These quick noodles are perfectly combined with Korean soy sauce, creating a delicious and satisfying traditional Korean flavour like no others.

  1. PALDO, Hwa Noodle Cup - 65 g
  2. PALDO, Pororo Jjajang Cup Noodle - 65 g
  3. PALDO, Hwa Noodle Cup - 110 g
  4. PALDO, King Cup Lobster Noodle - 110 g
  5. PALDO, Bibimmen Ramen (Bowl) - 115 g
  6. PALDO, Jjajangmen King Bowl Noodles - 190 g
PALDO Korean Instant Cup Noodle
  • Brand: PALDO
  • Shelf Life: 12 months
  • Name in Thai: พาลโด
Product Views: 31
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  • 🐣: Delights of Korean cuisine with Paldo instant noodles Ramen and Ramyun
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