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OLD ROCK Lotion and Serum

OLD ROCK Lotion and Serum

OLD ROCK Lotion and Serum, in portable sizes, provide essential skincare for a nourished and blemish-free complexion. With five powerful formulas, they effectively address acne and acne scars, revealing a radiant and flawless appearance, embodying the epitome of beauty.

  1. 1. OLD ROCK Anti Acne Clear Lotion (BHA) - 10 ml
  2. 2. OLD ROCK Anti Acne Spot Lotion (AHA) - 10 ml
  3. 3. OLD ROCK Hyaluron Brightening Serum (HYA) - 10 ml
  4. 4. OLD ROCK Gluta Brightening Serum (GLUTA) - 10 ml
  5. 5. OLD ROCK Vitamin B Brightening Serum (VitB3) - 10 ml

OLD ROCK Lotion and Serum
  • Brand: OLD ROCK
  • Name in Thai: โอลด์ร็อค
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