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MIZUMI Acne Treatment

MIZUMI Acne Treatment

MIZUMI Acne Treatment offers a holistic solution for acne-prone skin. With the MizuMi Peptide Acne Gel, acne is reduced within days, while the MizuMi B3 Acne Concentrate Serum provides a smoother complexion in just one week. The MizuMi AHA BHA Acne Serum brightens skin in 7 days, and the MizuMi Sulfur Acne Clay clears skin within 3 days. These products are gentle yet effective, making them perfect for those seeking healthy, blemish-free skin.

  1. 1. MIZUMI Peptide Acne Gel - 9 g
  2. 2. MIZUMI B3 Acne Concentrate Serum - 13 g
  3. 3. MIZUMI Sulfer Acne Clay - 13 g
  4. 4. MIZUMI BHA AHA Acne Serum - 13 g
  5. 5. MIZUMI Hya Acne Repair Serum - 13 g
  6. 6. MIZUMI UV Acne Matte Serum - 13 g
MIZUMI Acne Treatment
  • Brand: MIZUMI
  • Name in Thai: มิซึมิ
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  • 🐣: A holistic solution for acne-prone skin
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