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MANORA Crispy Shrimp & Veggie Chips - Medium Bag 32 g

MANORA Crispy Shrimp & Veggie Chips - 32 g

Made with fresh shrimp and blended with spices, MANORA is a real gem of shrimp and fish chip -- they are crispy and delicious and full with nutrients. You can enjoy the pure chips or dip with their roasted chili paste, to get the zesty Thai flavor. With their further innovation, they also offer chips with real veggies including Taro, Pumpkin.

No artificial colours and no preservatives. Ideal healthy snacks for adults and children alike. And on top of that, MANORA chips are exported worldwide. 

MANORA Chip - 32 g bag x 60 pcs

  1. MANORA, Shrimp Chips - 32 g
  2. MANORA, Fish Chips - 32 g
  3. MANORA, Taro Chips - 32 g
  4. MANORA, Pumpkin Chips - 32 g

FUN FACT: MANORA is traditional Thai dance from the south of Thailand, which to date last for hundreds of years.

MANORA Crispy Shrimp & Veggie Chips - Medium Bag 32 g
  • Brand: MANORA
  • Shelf Life: 10 months
  • Certified: Halal, GMP, Thai FDA
  • Name in Thai: มโนห์รา
Product Views: 1280
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  • 🐣: Healthy chips made from real shrimp, fish and veggies.
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