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KOALA MARCH, Playful Filling Biscuit

KOALA MARCH, Playful Filling Biscuit

Distingquished by its lovely Koala character, KOALA's March is filling confectionary buscuit to share happiness and enjoyment. Outer layer of its confectionary is baked thin and crunchy, while there are a variety of filling flavors inside including Choco Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry and Bitter Chocolate.

  1. KOALA March, Choco Banana - 37 g
  2. KOALA March, Chocolate -37 g
  3. KOALA March, Strawberry - 37 g
  4. KOALA March, Bitter Chocolate - 33 g
KOALA MARCH, Playful Filling Biscuit
  • From: Wholesaler
  • Brand: KOALA MARCH
  • Shelf Life: 15 months
  • Name in Thai: โคอะลามาร์ช
Product Views: 96
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