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JORNGUAN, Tasty Rice Crackers with Pork, Chicken, Fish

JORNGUAN,Tasty Rice Crackers with Pork,Chicken,Fish

Made from famous Thai Jasmine Rice combined with high-quality flossy chicken, JOR NGUAN rice cracker gives you a crunchy tasty flavor with great nutritional ingredients that you will always enjoy. It comes with four delicious flavors, Spicy Chicken, Fish Floss, Flossy Pork, Sea Crab.

  1. JORNGUAN Rice Cracker, Spicy Chicken - 100 g 
  2. JORNGUAN Rice Cracker, Fish Floss - 100 g 
  3. JORNGUAN Rice Cracker, Original Flossy Pork - 100 g 
  4. JORNGUAN Rice Cracker, Sea Crab flavor With Flossy Chicken - 100 g
JORNGUAN, Tasty Rice Crackers with Pork, Chicken, Fish
  • From: Wholesaler
  • Brand: JORNGUAN
  • Shelf Life: 7 months
  • Name in Thai: จอหงวน
Product Views: 70
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