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Beverages rich with health benefits

Beverages mde in Thailannd that rich with health benefits.

Name in Thai: บี-ออน Brand: B-ON
B-ON Vitamin B Complex Drink, healthy and refreshing offers 3 formulas:1. B-ON Vitamin B Complex Drink, Active with Lemon - 180 mlActive formula with inositol from rice bran. Contributes to brain cell function with rice bran extract and refreshing lemon juice.2. B-ON Vitamin B Complex Drink, Memory ..
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Name in Thai: ชบา Brand: CHABAA
For more than 20 years, CHABAA fruit juices are produced with the highest quality with a UHT 1000 ml package of Tetra Prisma. Their fruit juices are exported to many countries worldwide with a superior Taste Award in 2021.Apple Juice with White Grape 100% - 1 LiterPineapple 100% - 1 LiterMandarin wi..
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Name in Thai: จิตรลดา Brand: CHITRALADA
CHITRALADA brands from the royal project feature daily and healthy products including milk tablets, honey, whole milk, and condensed milk. Variety of top selling items of CHITRALADA brand with wholesale price.CHITRALADA Milk Tablet - 25 g x 240 sachetsCHITRALADA Honey - 115 g x 50 tubesCHITRALADA H..
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Name in Thai: โคโค่แม็ก Brand: COCOMAX
Made from the best source of coconuts in Thailand, Cocomax is made up of 100% coconut water which contains essential electrolytes and vitamins needed to revitalize your body. With the cold aseptic process, it's ensured that all nutrients are retained, bringing you the natural goodness of coconut wa..
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Distributor Wanted - HERBAL THAI, Herbal Thai Tea from the Healthiest herbs Distributor Wanted - HERBAL THAI, Herbal Thai Tea from the Healthiest herbs
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Name in Thai: เฮอร์เบิล ไทย Brand: HERBAL THAI
Herbal Thai has selected the healthiest herbs that have always been used for culinary and medical purposes. Their nutritional benefits are exceptional and our new mix and blend surely elevate the flavors and benefits of natural detox.Our product uses a special recipe combining 8 excellent and health..
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Name in Thai: กุมิ กุมิ เยลลี่ Brand: GUMI GUMI Jelly
GUMI GUMI Jelly Carrageenan and Konjac jelly. Rich in Vitamin B, C, and A. Low in calories, a Healthy jelly drink is perfect for those watching figures.Good quality Konjac and 10% fruit juiceNew alternative jelly desserts at affordable pricesDelicious. Feel full. Enjoy it for any occasion.Health ben..
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Name in Thai: เขาล้อม Brand: KHAOLOM
Made from quality arabica coffee beans selected from Chiang Mai, KHAOLOM Instant Roasted Arabica Coffee is healthy coffee that contains no trans fats nor sugar. Instead, it's sweetened by natural stevia extract and protein from white beans, black beans, soybeansSweetened by natural steviaHigh protei..
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Name in Thai: มาลี Brand: MALEE
MALEE Pasteurized Fruit JuiceMALEE COCO, 100% Coconut Water - 1000mlMALEE, 100% Mango Juice Mixed Fruit Juice - 1000 mlMALEE, 100% Pineapple Juice - 1000 mlMALEE, 100% Pomegranate Juice and Mixed Fruit Juice - 1000 ml..
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Name in Thai: เนสท์เล่ เนสวิต้า Brand: NESTLE NESVITA
High in fiber with many vitamins and minerals, NESTLE Nesvita is a very popular whole grains beverage, providing complete nutrition with 5 sources of fiber. Perfect breakfast drinks and soft meal.Wholegrain cereal drinkHigh in calciumNo cholesterol.5 sources of fiber.Improve digestive systemNESTLE N..
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Name in Thai: ตราหมีโกลด์ Brand: BEAR BRAND GOLD
A premium of Nestle Bear Brand, Bear Brand Gold is a premium sterilized 100 milk and naturally extracted including White Tea, White Malt, Goji Berry, and White Kidney Bean.Healthy drinksHalal drinks7-11 drinksPremium Nestle' milk with natural extracted..
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Name in Thai: ตราหมี Brand: BEAR BRAND
Delicious milk with distinctive taste, Bear Brand sterilized made from 100% fresh milk. High in natural calcium with different formulas to suit individual needs.1. BEAR BRAND Sterilized Milk, Original (Yellow Label) - 140 ml2. BEAR BRAND Sterilized Milk, Low Fat (Light Blue Label) - 140 ml3. BEAR ..
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Name in Thai: นูริช เมท Brand: NURISHMATE
NURISHMATE Konnyaku Jelly Drink, a ready pouch meal for healthy people. It's delicious before or after a workout. Enjoy the chewy konjac jelly. Help speed up metabolism. Rich in vitamins A, C, and E. Also added collagen, L-Carnitine, and fiber.9 types of vitamins With Collagen, L-Carnitine, and fibe..
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