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Overseas Distributors Wanted - Health & Beauty

Health and beauty products from Thailand whose brand owners are looking for sole distributors and/or wholesalers from overseas.

FELICA Anti Hair-Loss Serum FELICA Anti Hair-Loss Serum
SOLE Distributor Wanted
Name in Thai: เฟลิก้า Brand: FELICA
All in one solution for hair loss, FELICA Anti Hair-Loss Serum is every day use use hair tonic serum to reduce hair loss and thin hair. It promotes the hair growth with light light texture, free from harmful chemicals...
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Name in Thai: โกลว โกลไบโอติก Brand: GLOWE GLOBIOTIC
GLOWE GLOBIOTIC is a premium quality probiotics that helps take care of the entire digestive system including the intestinal and excretory system to work in balance and efficiently, resulting in glowing and healthy skin from within while boosting immune, slow down the aging and prevent diarrhea.Impo..
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