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DOI KHAM Fruit Squash 500 ml

DOI KHAM Fruit Squash 500 ml

DOI KHAM Fruit Squash offers quality concentrated juices in 4 flavors including

1. DOI KHAM Honey & Lime Squash - 500 ml 

Deliciously concentrated lemon juice mixed with honey. Can share the brightness in a fun party or refresh everyone in the family.

2. DOI KHAM Passion Fruit Squash - 500 ml 

Passion fruit juice concentrate selected quality passion fruit from fresh yellow and purple varieties. Sweet and sour taste. Use real passion fruit.

3. DOI KHAM Strawberry Squash - 500 ml 

Concentrated Strawberry Juice from Strawberries, a Product of the Ngon River Basin Development Project due to the royal initiative in Fang District, Chiang Mai Province.

4. DOI KHAM Roselle Squash - 500 ml 

Uses fresh roselle from Sudan, is good quality, specially selected, has a lot of fruit pulp. Sweet and sour taste.

  • No color added
  • No synthetic flavor added

DOI KHAM Fruit Squash 500 ml
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  • 🐱: Quality fruit squash made with real fruits

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