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In addition to typical potato Chips from major players like Lay's or Tasto,  there are many different kind of chips made from a variety of ingredents  including fruit chips or root vegetable chips. But the best part about chip snacks from Thailand is there are number of traditional Thai-taste flavors avaialble to try.  So chances are you find some of your favourite Thai foods as chips, making them perfect as snacks or souvenirs to bring home.

Name in Thai: โปเต้ Brand: POTAE
POTAE snack is  Spiral-Shaped Potato Chip made from premium quality potato flour and standardized manufacturing process. It's a classic Thai snacks available in food stores  in Thailand country wide...
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Name in Thai: พริงเกิลส์ Brand: PRINGLES
Stackable potato-based chips, PRINGLES are sold in over 140 countries worldwide. In Thailand, there are Thai taste flavors you find nowhere else. Discover the incredible flavor of Pringles from Thailand.PRINGLES Canister, Original - 102 gPRINGLES Canister, Sour Cream & Onion - 102 gPRINGLES Cani..
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Name in Thai: หรอย Brand: RHOI
RHOI Crispy Sea Bass Fish Chip is made in a homemade style with high-quality ingredients. 95% good quality fresh sea bass. Healthy seafood snack for healthy snack lovers.Homemade RecipeNo MSG, powder, fishy, preservativesRich in calcium and protein...
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Name in Thai: เอสบี Brand: SB
Affordable prawn crackers, yet very tasty, with original and Nori seaweed flavor.1. SB Cracker, Original - 60 g x 36 pcs2. SB Cracker, Nori Seaweed - 55 g x 36 pcs3. SB Cracker, Nori Seaweed - 10 g x 144 pcs..
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Name in Thai: ชินมัยข้าวอบกรอบ Brand: SHINMAI
Made from high quality jasmine rice, SHINMAI is Jasmine Rice baked crackers  and seasoned with a special recipe, making it a crispy jasmine rice snack with perfect crispy texture and full flavor of every bite.Made from specially selected jasmine riceThe factory has more than 30 years of rice sn..
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Name in Thai: ชินมัย Brand: SHINMAI
SHINMAI, Pop Rice Snack is made from high quality jasmine rice and seasoned with a special recipe, making it a crispy jasmine rice pop snack with perfect crispy texture and flavor in every bit.Made from specially selected jasmine riceThe factory has more than 30 years of rice snackPacked in a metali..
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Name in Thai: สแน็คแจ๊ค Brand: SNACKJACK
Tasty green pea snack with distinquished taste and texture, SNACKJACK is soft crunchy with variety of flavors featuring Original, Shitake, Wasabi, Salted & Chili Prawn and Japanese Curry. SNACKJACK made of green pea and surprisingly delicious.SNACK JACK, Original - 62 gSNACK JACK, Chicken Steak..
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Name in Thai: ซันไบทส์ Brand: SUNBITES
Crispy cereal healthy snack, made from baking Not frying, SUNBITES  is one of the most popular snack from Pepsi co, Thailand. We have all avaialble flavors including:Sunbites, Original - 56 gSunbites, Barbeque - 56 gSunbites, Italian Parmesan Cheese - 54 gSunbites, Spicy Salted Egg  - 54&n..
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Name in Thai: ไท่ กั๋ว ผิ่น Brand: TAI GUA PIN
With the concept of Luxury Health-Concerned Preserved Fruit, TAI GUA PIN is Thai fruit snacks made simple, yet with premium and healthy ingredients of selected Thai fruits including Mango, Durian, and Coconut, representing Thai fruits to the world market.TAI GUO PIN, Thai Soft-Dried Mango - 200 gTAI..
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Name in Thai: ทาโร่ Brand: TARO, Strips
Good taste and nutritious, TARO strips are roasted sea fish snack long popular over decades in Thai market. Their strips made easy and fun to enjoy, with variety of flavors you can choose from e.g., Tasty, Spicy and BBQ.TARO, Tasty - 64 gTARO, BBQ - 64 gTARO, Super Zaab - 78 gTARO, Tasty - 38 g TAR..
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Name in Thai: เทสโต Brand: TASTO
With wide range of flavors from classics like Salt, Japanese Seaweed as well as Thai flavors like Crab Curry, Tasto is a high quality potato chips brand, one of the bes selling from Thailand.  There are several types like Flat Cut, Ridge Cut and Waffle Cut that provide the difference enjoyable ..
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Name in Thai: เทสโต Brand: TASTO
TASTO is one of the best seller for potato chip in Thai market.  They have classic smooth potato chips and the ridge ones, offering flavors with the tastes amazed you sometimes e.g., Crab Curry, Salted & Sour, BBQ Max, Mala, BBQ Spicy...
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