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A-GRAINS Granola, Variety of Flavors

A-GRAINS Granola, Variety of Flavors

A-Grains, granola made from crispy whole-grain oats rich in dietary fiber, calcium and iron.

  • Delicious, crispy, benefit from whole grains (oats)
  • Certified logo healthy choice in the breakfast cereal group
  • High in fiber, iron and calcium
  • Enjoy  with milk, yogurt, fruit or nuts.

There are 7 flavors including

  1. Durian: Mon Thong durian smell mixed with a little sweet carame.  A don't miss for Durian lovers.
  2. Matcha Espresso: Strong green tea flavor blend with nice aroma coffee, matcha powder, and grainnuts
  3. Chocolate Malt: Sweet & Mellow for chocolate lovers.
  4. Cinnamon: Fragrance cinnamon
  5. Chocolate Hazelnut:  Aromatic taste of hazelnuts. mixed with chocolate
  6. Mocha: Intense mocha flavor. 
  7. Cookies & Cream: authentic taste of cookies and cream 
A-GRAINS Granola, Variety of Flavors
  • Brand: Halal Snacks
  • Brand: A-GRAINS
  • Shelf Life: 12 months
  • Certified: Halal
  • MOQ: 1 carton x 12 bags
  • Name in Thai: อะเกรนส์
Product Views: 1898
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