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DE LEAF THANAKA Whitening Soap, Cream, Moisturizer & Shower Gel

DE LEAF THANAKA Whitening Soap, Cream, Moisturizer & Shower Gel

DE LEAF THANAKA, Moisturizing and Whitening Soap - 100 g x 12 pcs

- A gentle, uniquely formulated soap, free of SLS, combining the benefits of Thanaka, Turmeric, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin E

- Reduce oiliness and sebum clogging pores, the cause of acne

- Reduce rashes, melasma, freckles, and dark spots from acne scars


DE LEAF THANAKA, Moisturizing & Whitening Cream - 45 g x 10 pcs

- Facial cream enriched with extracts of Tanaka wood, vitamins A, C, E, and aloe vera

- Helps reduce dark spots and brighten Ready to nourish the skin to be moisturized and radiant


DE LEAF THANAKA, Loose Powder - 100 g x 12 pcs

- control oil and conceal dark circles naturally

- Helps suppress sweating and rashes, smells good, cools the skin

- Can be applied both on the face and body


DE LEAF THANAKA, Shower Gel - 450 ml x 10 pcs

- Nourish the skin to be white, smooth, and bright, both "bath" and "mask" in one step

- Penetrates deeply with a creamy, concentrated serum from Thanaka Retardant Organic Manuka Honey and natural mineral water

- Paraben-free, NO SLS

DE LEAF THANAKA Whitening Soap, Cream, Moisturizer & Shower Gel
  • Brand: DE LEAF
  • MOQ: 1 carton x 10 pcs
  • Name in Thai: เดอ ลีฟ
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