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CURESYS Acne and Spot Patch

CURESYS  Acne and Spot Patch

CURESYS offers targeted solutions for various acne concerns with their innovative spot patches. The Heartleaf formula is ideal for non-inflammatory acne, the Niacin formula effectively tackles inflamed acne with its thin, adherent patches, and the Teatree formula, enriched with Tea Tree Oil, reduces inflammation and swelling of acne. Each patch is designed to be ultra-thin, smooth, and seamlessly adheres to the skin, providing efficient and convenient acne care. Choose CURESYS for a quick and effective way to address different acne types.

  1. 1. CURESYS Heartleaf Acpair Spot Patch - 15 patches/sachet
  2. 2. CURESYS Niacin Activa White Patch - 18 patches/sachet
  3. 3. CURESYS Teatree Acpair Deep Spot Patch - 18 patches/sachet
CURESYS Acne and Spot Patch
  • Brand: CURESYS
  • Name in Thai: เคียวร์ซิส
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  • 🐣: A quick and effective way to address different acne types.
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