Waterproof PVC Boots or Gum Boots

Waterproof PVC Boots or Gum Boots
PVC boots also known as rain boots or gumboots, they are waterproof boots made from PVC compound. PVC boots are usually below knee-high and traditionally worn in muddy or wet environments.
Since, Flood waters carry not just germs and bacteria but other harmful objects that can cause harm to unprotected feet. Broken glass, sharp pieces of wood, rusty nails and sheets of steel sometimes are not seen through the murky flood waters and the PVC boots, through its thick PVC rubber sole, provides enough protection from these kinds of objects when feet are being submerged under flood waters.
Hence, PVC boots do not just simply protect the feet from getting wet, they also acts as the primary defense of the body to keep away germs and bacteria that can be contracted by the body through the feet when wading in flood waters, a typical occurrence during rainy seasons.
However, PVC boots are also commonly worn for many activities including fishing, farming, construction, and etc. There is also PVC boots manufacture especially for the cold environment, which are lined with warm insulating material. These types of boots are widely used in the Food Industry.
Because of this characteristic, PVC boots became a season-long necessity, especially those whose everyday lives involved wading in water. Even during summer, PVC boots are still being worn by those whose feet are often exposed to water, like farmers.

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