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Thai Seasonings & Cooking Pastes

There are many different types of seasoning sauces in Thai cuisine. Each has distinctive tastes and flavors like no others. They are a kind of secret ingredient for many Thai recipes. Some of them are a must for Thai kitchen. An essential set includes Fish Sauce or 'Nam Pla', Oyster Sauce or 'Sauce Hoy Nang Rom',  Light Soy Sauce or 'Si-Ew Kao',  Thick Soy Sauce or 'Si-Ew Dam' and Seasoning Sauce. 

And to cook Thai authentic curry e.g., Thai Green curry, Massamun curry, Panang curry, Red curry, Yellow curry, you simply need Thai curry pastes. Also we include the most common everyday condiments and sauces in Thai cuisine like crazy different types of chili pastes as well as dipping sauces and seasonings you find in Thai kitchen.

We present them in variations from well known brands to less famous ones, chosen based on quality and local popularity among qualified Thai suppliers.

Name in Thai: ซอสพริกไทยดำ Brand: 14 Brands
While black pepper sauce is great for serving with steak and vegetables, it's also used as a seasoning sauces, a key ingredient to add a great flavor to many Thai stir-fried dishes no other sauces could replace it. Among the top brands from Thailand, there are two different kinds - sauce and po..
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Name in Thai: ซอสพริก Brand: 10 Brands
Blended with chilies, garlic, salt and sugar, hot chili sauces from Thailand offer you a huge brand selection.  And the taste is varied from brand to brand, with variations of spiciness and sweetness. ..
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Name in Thai: น้ำปลาหวาน Brand: 15 Brands
This caramel-like fresh fruit dip called nam-pla wan is most often served with sour green mangoes. This pair never goes wrong with the taste. But green apple can be a substitute when no green mangoes around. The main ingredients include salt, palm sugar, shallot, dried shrimp, chili and fish sauce.A..
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Name in Thai: น้ำพริกกุ้งเสียบ Brand: 14 Brands
Originated from the south of Thailand, Dried Shrimp Chili Paste, called 'Nam Prik Koong Sieb' in Thai, is a flavorful chili dip  made from chili, garlic, shallots, baked shrimp paste (Kapi). And what makes this chili paste special is the whole dried shrimps  that give this chili paste a de..
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Name in Thai: น้ำปลา Brand: 15 Brands
Made from fish coated with salt and fermented for many months or a few years,  Fish sauce, called 'Nam Pla' in Thai, is one of the basic ingredients in Thai cuisine,   either as seasoning or condiment usually mixed with fresh-cut chilies and lime juice (called 'Prik Nam Pla in Thai).&..
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Name in Thai: ผงปรุงรส Brand: Multi Brands
Seasoning Powder..
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Name in Thai: น้ำพริกน้ำย้อย Brand: 14 Brands
A truly Northern Thai cuisine from Prae Province, this chili paste is a combination of ground chilies in oil,  aromatic fried garlic, onion and pork rind as optional. It's tasty and a bit spicy, yet easy to eat because there's no pungent smell or something fermented. In fact, this particular ki..
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Name in Thai: น้ำพริกปลาสลิด Brand: 15 Brands
Fried Snakeskin Gourami Fish Mixed in Chili Paste..
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Name in Thai: ผงโรยข้าว Brand: 15 Brands
Originated from Japanese cuisine, Furikake or rice seasoning  is a dry seasoning to be sprinkled on top of steamed rice, vegetables, or fish in order to add the dishes more flavors. Generally it's made from dried fish, sesame seeds and seaweed along with other seasoning like sugar, salt, pepper..
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Name in Thai: เครื่องแกงเขียวหวาน Brand: 15 Brands
Green Curry, called 'Kang Kiew Wan' in Thai, is a mild spicy Thai curry based on coconut milk  and fresh green chilies. It goes well with tofu for vegetarian or with chicken for meat lovers. Also many few vegetables can be added such as winter melon (white gourd), round eggplant, basil, snap pe..
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Name in Thai: เครื่องแกงเลียง Brand: 6 Brands
Thai Spicy Mixed Vegetable Soup, called Kaeng Lieng in Thai, is another spicy and healthy soup made up of a variety of vegetables, traditionally  include Lvy Gourd, Pumpkin, Angle luffa, Basil leaves, Cucumber, Pepper, Dried chili,  And if wish to add meat, it commonly goes with prawn.What..
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Name in Thai: ซอสและผงปรุงส้มตำ Brand: 10 Brands
Known as 'Som Tam' or 'Som Tum' in Thai, Thai green papaya salad is one of the most popular  consumed dishes in Thailand. Though it originates from Northeastern part of Thailand, it's commonly available  throughout the country, from street vendors to high-end restaurants.The dish is also e..
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