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Tamarind Snack

Tamarind is widely used for Thai cooking but other than than, it makes great candies, toffees and flavorful seedless sweet tamarinds  are not to be missed. These  are made with natural tamarind pulp with sugar and seasoning. They are soft fruity and slightly sour. All in all tamarind snacks are absolutely refreshing chewy fruit snacks.

Name in Thai: ขนมจากมะขามหรือรสมะขาม Brand: 14 Brands
Sweet Tamarind is used in a wide range of Thai recipes. But not only for curry paste, which is the most common use, a numerous snack recipe has been created with Sweet Tamarind as well e.g., Crispy banana with tamarind jam, Seedless Sweet Tamarind, Rice Cracker with Tamarind and Sweet Tamarind with ..
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Name in Thai: มะขามคลุก/มะขามกวน/มะขามแก้ว Brand: 14 Brands
Seedless and seasoning sweet tamarind is made with pure fresh tamarind,  coated with sugar and flavored it with salt, chili and spice. You can enjoy it as a snack or candy or something in between...
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