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Sweet Fish Dipping Sauce or 'Nam Pla Wan'

Sweet Fish Dipping Sauce or 'Nam Pla Wan'

This caramel-like fresh fruit dip called nam-pla wan is most often served with sour green mangoes. This pair never goes wrong with the taste. But green apple can be a substitute when no green mangoes around. The main ingredients include salt, palm sugar, shallot, dried shrimp, chili and fish sauce.

Street vendors or local fruit-dip stand are made their Nam Pla Wan dip fresher and you can always find the tasty ones. But that's only when you are in Thailand.

Outside the country is a different story. And here we have for you a good list of ready-to-dip Nam Pla Wan.

Sweet Fish Dipping Sauce or 'Nam Pla Wan'
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