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NaTea is founded to represent Thai Tea, Organic.Thai.Herbal.Tea. Natea blend organic Thai ingredient for better and attractive scent and colors for Tea. We intend to produce healthy tea from 100% natural and organic, no caffeine, no artificial color and flavor. 

Size of bottle; height 9 cm, width 7 cm.

1. Thai Legend Tea : Lemongrass, Pandan, Cinnamon, Stevia > Little spicy tea with light yellow color, help in relax, improve digestive system.

2. Roselle Inspired Tea : Roselle, Jasmine, Pandan, Cinnamon, Stevia > Sour like burry-taste with red color, help in nourish throat and rich of antioxidants

3. Turqouise Tea : Butterfly Pea, Sweet Osmanthus > Lovely scent with blue color, rich in antioxidants, lowering sugar in blood

4. Night Dreamer Tea : Camomile, Lavender, Thai Mint > Lovely scent with light yellow color, help relax and sleep tight.

5. Beautiful Day Tea : Rose, Mulberry Tea >Rose scent with  pink color, rich in antioxidants and nourich cardio system

6. Summer Chill Tea : Safflower, Lavender > Lovely scent with lgiht yellow tea, Lowering chorestherol 

7. Mint Lover Tea : Thai Mint, Cinnmon > Light green color with mint scent > relieve cold and less Migrane headache

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