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Seasoning Sauce

Name in Thai: ซอสพริกไทยดำ Brand: 14 Brands
While black pepper sauce is great for serving with steak and vegetables, it's also used as a seasoning sauces, a key ingredient to add a great flavor to many Thai stir-fried dishes no other sauces could replace it. Among the top brands from Thailand, there are two different kinds - sauce and po..
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Name in Thai: ซอสพริก Brand: 10 Brands
Blended with chilies, garlic, salt and sugar, hot chili sauces from Thailand offer you a huge brand selection.  And the taste is varied from brand to brand, with variations of spiciness and sweetness. ..
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Name in Thai: น้ำปลา Brand: 15 Brands
Made from fish coated with salt and fermented for many months or a few years,  Fish sauce, called 'Nam Pla' in Thai, is one of the basic ingredients in Thai cuisine,   either as seasoning or condiment usually mixed with fresh-cut chilies and lime juice (called 'Prik Nam Pla in Thai).&..
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Name in Thai: ผงปรุงรส Brand: Multi Brands
Seasoning Powder..
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Name in Thai: ซอสและผงปรุงส้มตำ Brand: 10 Brands
Known as 'Som Tam' or 'Som Tum' in Thai, Thai green papaya salad is one of the most popular  consumed dishes in Thailand. Though it originates from Northeastern part of Thailand, it's commonly available  throughout the country, from street vendors to high-end restaurants.The dish is also e..
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Name in Thai: ซอสมะเขือเทศ Brand: 14 Brands
In addition to the standard ketchup, we offer a full range of tomato ketchup variety available in Thai market including hot and spicy formula, pizza sauce, or even healthy formula such as ketogenic diet and low sodium.  Bulk packages are also available for some brands...
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Name in Thai: ซีอิ๊วขาว Brand: Multi Brands
Called 'See Ew Khao' in Thailand, Light Soy Sauce is one of the key ingredients to use in a variety of Thai dishes. In fact, this light soy sauce is multipurpose perfect for most situation required salty taste. Also known as thin soy sauce or white soy sauce, Thai soy sauces are similar to Japa..
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Name in Thai: ซอสน้ำมันหอย Brand: 15 Brands
Oyster sauce is the black thick sauce commonly use in flavoring Thai cuisine especially for stir-fly dishes. But it's also widely used in Vietnamese, Malay, Cantonese and Khemer Cuisine as well. In most Asian supermarkets, there are two broad types of oyster sauce that are widely available - Chine..
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Name in Thai: ซอสผัดไทย Brand: Multi Brands
Pad Thai Stir-Fry Sauce..
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Name in Thai: ปลาร้าปรุงสุก Brand: 14 Brands
Fermented Fish Sauce is a crucial recipe of many north eastern dishes of Thailand (or E-san Foods).  In fact, it could not be missed if one wishes to get an authentic taste of the North Eastern Thai cuisine. For instance, Som Tom or Papaya Salad would never get tasty without it.But this key ing..
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Name in Thai: ซอสปรุงรส Brand: 15 Brands
Thai seasoning sauce is typically made of fermented soybeans, salt, sugar, water and other food enhancers. Something in common for Thai brands is they use either Green Cap or Orange Cap to categorize as seasoning sauce. And it can be used as versatile sauce in almost any stir fry dish in order to ad..
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Name in Thai: ผงปรุงและซอสปรุงก๋วยเตี๋ยว Brand: 14 Brands
Usually contains spices, soy sauce, salt, sugar and MSG,  Seasoning Sauces, Concentrated Noodle Soup or Seasoning Powder  is a secret ingredient to make tasty noodle dishes with ease such as  clear noodle soup, wonton noodle soup, and all clear soup menus...
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