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100% Natural Longan Honey

100% Natural Longan Honey

Sole Distributor Wanted

From specifically-selected sweet longan of high quality, our longan honey is 100% natural. Deemed as..

$93.66 Ex Tax: $93.66

100% Thai Herb Extract with Chlorophyll & Essential Vitamins

Natural Chlorophyll &  Vitamins

Sole Distributor Wanted

100% herbal extract from Yanang leaves contains natural chlorophyll and also many  es..

$3.12 Ex Tax: $3.12

2CO Coconut Juice Mixed with Coconut Milk. Delicious Natural Taste PREMIUM

2CO Coconut Juice Mixed with Coconut Milk. Delicious Natural Taste

High Nutrients. No Cholesterol.

Sales Agent Wanted

2CO Coconut Juice is produced to give the maximum benefits of coconut juice. It's mixed of 90% ..

$26.23 Ex Tax: $26.23

Acne Powder Lotion Treatment from Mangosteen Rind Extract PREMIUM

Acne Powder Lotion Treatment from Mangosteen Rind Extract

Suitable for All Skin Types

Sole Distributor Wanted

THAIDERM APL (Acne Powder Lotion), A Herbal Acne Treatment Product For Facial And Back Acne With Sal..

$17.17 Ex Tax: $17.17

AERA Anti-Pollution Nourishing Cream for Sensitive Skin

Protects Skin from Pollution

Sole Distributor Wanted

AERA Anti-Pollution Nourishing Cream was created from best natural extracts from the Andes, Per..

$65.56 Ex Tax: $65.56

Auspicious Gemstone Terrarium with Preserved Flowers

Designed by Feng Shui Principle

Sales Agent Wanted

One of a kind gift, flowers and gemstones in glass bottle. Our flowers like roses can be preserved f..

$44.46 Ex Tax: $44.46

Ballpoint Pen with Refreshing Eucalyptus Fragrance PREMIUM

Ballpoint Pen with Refreshing Eucalyptus Fragrance

Pen to Keep You Refreshed

Sales Agent Wanted

Two in one functions Ballpoint Pen with Refreshing Eucalyptus Fragrance. Not only is it excellent fo..

$4.65 Ex Tax: $4.65

Bamboo&Charcoal Detoxifying Soap

Reducing Acne and Freckles 

Sole Distributor Wanted

1 Carton: 24 bars x 10 gShelf Life: 36 months Ingredients: Japanese bamboo, ..

$25.84 Ex Tax: $25.84

Bird's Nest Coffee with Collagen and Co Enzyme Q-10

With Glutathione, Collagen & Q10

Sole Distributor Wanted

Forever Young Bird's Nest Coffee is formulated with Bird's nest with other three main ingredients in..

$156.10 Ex Tax: $156.10

Black Coffee with Herbs Extracts for Boosting Men Impotent

With Cordyceps, Ginseng & Black Galingale

Sole Distributor Wanted

Black Coffee formulated with Thai and Chinese traditional herbs specifically to promote and improve ..

$8.27 Ex Tax: $8.27

Blossom Gel Serum Made from Flower Extracts

Reduce Wrinkles & Dark Spot

Sales Agent Wanted

Made from various flowers extract such as Hudrongea, Sakura, Lily, Peone and Plankton , this bl..

$390.26 Ex Tax: $390.26

Blossom Jelly Weight Loss & Radiant Skin Jelly Drink

Slimming with Beautiful Skin

Sales Agent Wanted

Mixed with 5 berries, this blossom Jelly is an instant powder drink to help with weight control ..

$13.42 Ex Tax: $13.42

Body Lotion Infused Virgin Coconut Oil

Concentrated Moisturizer

Sales Agent Wanted

Concentrated moisturizing body lotion infused with virgin coconut oil for healthy and radiant skin, ..

$134.87 Ex Tax: $134.87



Rich in Protein & Amino Acids

Sole Distributor Wanted

Camel milk is a miracle food with good properties in softening and reducing skin wrinkles, thanks to..

$168.59 Ex Tax: $168.59

Carrot Vitamin C Soap

With Vitamin C and Collagen

Sole Distributor Wanted

1 Carton:  200 pcs x 100 gShelf Life: 36 months Main Ingredients: Glutathione, P..

$374.37 Ex Tax: $374.37