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CHAOSUA, Wholesome Cereal Cracker

CHAOSUA,Wholesome Cereal Cracker

Perfect for vegetarian and those health conscious, CHAOSUA's rice crust or crackers are wholesome cereals feature black and white sesame, beans and cashew nuts, on top of thin crispy rice flour. O% Cholesterol.

  1. CHAOSUA Cereal Cracker - 70 g
  2. CHAOSUA Cereal Cracker - 35 g
  3. CHAOSUA Wholesome Cereal Cracker - 25 g
CHAOSUA, Wholesome Cereal Cracker
  • From: Wholesaler
  • Brand: CHAOSUA
  • Shelf Life: 12 months
  • Name in Thai: เจ้าสัว
Product Views: 699
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