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Raw Nuts, Beans & Seeds

Many provinces in Thailand are suitable for growing nuts and beans varieties. Thus, raw nuts and beans are available throughout the country, from numerous Thai suppliers with a different production scale, from large plantations to small producers.

In Thailand, you can find all kinds of nuts, beans and seeds including  Black Beans, Black Sesame, White Sesame & Perilla Seeds, Job's Tears,  Mung Beans, Hulled-Split Mung Beans, Red Kidney Beans and Soy Beans.  Needless to say, they are rich in fiber and packed with vitamin, mineral as well as protein.

Name in Thai: ถั่วดำดิบ Brand: 13 Brands
Black Beans for Cooking..
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Name in Thai: งาดำ งาขาวและงาขี้ม้อนดิบ Brand: 14 Brands
Black Sesame, White Sesame & Perilla Seeds..
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Name in Thai: ลูกเดือยดิบ Brand: 14 Brands
Job's Tears..
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Name in Thai: ถั่วเขียวและถั่วเขียวซีกเลาะเปลือก Brand: 13 Brands
Mung Beans & Hulled-Split Mung Beans..
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Name in Thai: ถั่วแดงดิบ Brand: 15 Brands
Red Kidney Beans..
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Name in Thai: ถั่วเหลืองดิบเต็มเม็ดและถั่วเหลืองซีก Brand: 15 Brands
Soy Beans & Peeled-Split Soy Beans..
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