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Pineapple Snacks

While dehydrated pineapple is a pure natural fruit snack without any artificial flavors or colors, the sweetness of pineapple is perfect to make it a key ingredient of many different pineapple snacks such as pineapple cake, cheese crackers, mini crackers, pineapple cookies, crispy banana with pineapple filling.

Name in Thai: สับปะรดอบแห้ง Brand: 15 Brands
Dehydrating pineapple is not only a way to preserve and prolong its shelf life, but also to create a fantastic healthy snack.And while baked dried is the most common for the dehydration,  you can find other method such as solar dried or vacuum fried as an alternative. Varied by each brands, the..
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Name in Thai: ขนมสอดไส้สับปะรด Brand: 12 Brands
Snacks with Pineapple Filling..
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