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Pasteurized Fermented Fish Sauce

Pasteurized Pickled Fish Sauce

Belle From Battambang, Cambodia 31/01/2020 15:41:16
I am looking for pasteurized fermented fish sauce from Thailand.
Now I'm selling Zab Mike brand already but I want to find more products.
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Fermented Fish Sauce is a crucial recipe of many north eastern dishes of Thailand (or E-san Foods).  In fact, it could not be missed if one wishes to get an authentic taste of the North Eastern Thai cuisine. For instance, Som Tom or Papaya Salad would never get tasty without it.

But this key ingredients are not confined in North Eastern part of the country -- it goes wherever you can find Papaya Salad, which basically every part of the country.  But the fact that there are  Som Tum lovers in every corner of the world, so the this Fermented Fish Sauce goes a long way, crossing border.  And now there are this ready to cook, pasteurized version with shelf life over 12 months.  Cooking authentic North Eastern Thai food has got much easier and better in food hygiene !

Our list of qualified Thai brands for Fermented Fish Sauce  is selected based on popularity particularly from online purchasing, and the quality of the products itself. 

Pasteurized Fermented Fish Sauce
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