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THAI ORCHID-A, Thai Snack Treats with Diversity

THAI ORCHID,  Thai Snack Treats with Diversity
THAI ORCHID,  Thai Snack Treats with Diversity
THAI ORCHID,  Thai Snack Treats with Diversity
THAI ORCHID,  Thai Snack Treats with Diversity

There are more than thousands of orchid species in Thailand. And this wide variety boasts the country with the number one orchids in Southeast Asia, and one of the world's leading expoters of the plant.  While you can enjoy the vast diversity of orchid colours from many different types in the farms,  Some orchid grows particularly in the wild where you can spot their true beauty.

THAI ORCHID is a box full of gorgeous Thai snack treats, with a variety of textures and tastes. Carefully selected. There are seafood snack, fruit chip, dried fruit, sunflower kernel, crispy chili and wafer. And that offers a diversity of tastes from mild, tasty, hot and spicy, and even stretch to  the wild taste. But somewhere in between, you can certainly  spot some beauty and delicious goodness.

 In summary, THAI ORCHID-A features:  

  1. TASTO Signature Potato Chip, Salted Egg - 50 g
  2. TRY ME, Crispy Banana - 55 g
  3. GOMUC, Seasoned Shreded Squid, Original - 24 g
  4. BENTO, Squid Strip, Hot Chili, 24 g
  5. SUNSNACK, Seasoned Sunflower Kernel, Nori Seaweed - 28 g
  6. KITKAT GOLD - 105 g (35 g x 3 pcs)
  7. VIVA Dried Mandarin Orange, 30 g
  8. PIK KA PIK Crispy Chili, White Sesame Flavor - 25 g

THAI ORCHID-A, Thai Snack Treats with Diversity
  • From: ThaibyNature
  • Brand: THAI ORCHID-A
  • Shelf Life: 6-12 months
  • Name in Thai: กล้วยไม้
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