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SIS'S Goat Milk Facial and Oral Care

SIS'S Goat Milk Facial and Oral Care

Experience the comprehensive care of SIS'S Goat Milk Facial and Oral Care products. Their toothpaste features fluoride at 1,500 ppm and Micro Silica, promoting whiter teeth. The cleansing water tackles various skin concerns, effectively reducing acne and minimizing wide pores. With the MOUSSE FOAM, enjoy a gentle yet thorough facial cleansing that leaves the skin soft and hydrated, thanks to its Micellar technology. Lastly, the alcohol-free toner provides gentle hydration, free from parabens and fragrances, for a moisturized and refreshed complexion.

  1. 1. SIS'S Goat Milk 1 Step Fresh Clear Toothpaste - 50 g
  2. 2. SIS'S Cleansing Water Goat Milk Mountain Extract - 200 ml
  3. 3. SIS'S Mousse Foam Goat Milk Deep Moisturizing - 100 ml
  4. 4. SIS'S Toner Goat Milk Mountain Exxtract - 100 ml
SIS'S Goat Milk Facial and Oral Care
  • Brand: SIS'S
  • Name in Thai: ซิสส์
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  • 🐣: Effective goat milk-based skincare and oral care.
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