Neo Hair Natural Serum for Hair Growth

Neo Hair Natural Serum for Hair Growth

Neo Hair Natural Serum for Hair Growth

Easy Steps to Regrow Your Hairs: 

1. Use your fingers rub in the area needed for hair growth 6-7 times for skin cell stimulation. 

2. Apply spray in the morning, evening and before bed time. No need to wash away the spray.

After spray, rub roughly on scalp to stimulate skin cells. 

3. Use regularly for better result.

Rich ingredients from nature:

1. White ginseng extract is a vitamin to stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp shell, resulting in strengthening hair roots and accelerating hair growth. 

2 Cantaloupe extract accelerates and renews long and black hair, while reduce the hair fall

3. Sour palmetto extracts is also act as a hair growth vitamins. It also reduces testosterone hormones. Which reduce and prevent hair loss due to genetic causes.

4. Hair treatment from coconut and wild honey to protect hairs from sunlight and pollution,

while prevent hair dry and split ends. 

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