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Meat Snacks

The most common meats of choice for meat-base snack in Thailand is pork and chicken. Meat snack lovers can enjoy the number of meat snack options available in the market such as Crispy Chicken Skin, Crispy Pork Crackling, Flossy Pork, Dried Sheet Pork,  Spicy Pork Crackling, Rice Cracker with Flossy Pork.

Name in Thai: หนังไก่ทอดกรอบ Brand: 10 Brands
Coated with many different flavors that will leave you mouth-watering,  these crispy chicken skins are perfect snack for any occasion, and easy to be everyone's favorite snack. Each flavors are crafted with original recipe and quality ingredients from Thailand. ..
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Name in Thai: แคปหมู Brand: 11 Brands
Crispy Pork Rind or Pork Crackling as a snack is probably a new thing for many.  But basically it is the rind (skin) and fat of a pig baked to a crisp.Even though crispy pork rind can be homemade, baked fresh using as few as only salt for a sole ingredient, the ready-to-eat packaged pork crackl..
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Name in Thai: หมูหยอง Brand: 16 Brands
Originated from Fujian province in China, Flossy Pork or Shredded Pork is savory popular Chinese snack now widely available in Thailand. Some people enjoy it as a pure snack while many others prefer it with meal, with rice or congee and even stuff in soft buns.Among numerous brands in Thailand, we c..
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Name in Thai: หมูแผ่น Brand: 15 Brands
Dried sheet pork snack is sliced sheets of dried and crispy pork usually made with sliced lean pork and flavored with sugar or other sweetener along with seasoning to enhance its flavors. There are two kinds of dried sheet pork available in the market -- sweetened and crispy. The sweetened is softer..
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Name in Thai: ข้าวตังหมูหยอง Brand: 10 Brands
A crunchy rice cracker combines with soft fluffy texture of thick flossy pork layer on top makes a perfect blend for this delectable Rice Cracker with Flossy Pork snack. The cracker itself can be made with a variety of Thai rice including Jasmine rice, Riceberry rice, or even unpolished healthy Brow..
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Name in Thai: น้ำพริกหมูกระจก Brand: 12 Brands
Spicy Pork Crackling or 'Nam Prik Moo Kra Jok' is  stir-fried pork rinds mixed with garlic, shallots, and flavor with sugar, salt and spicy chili paste. It's hot sour, salty, sweet with full flavors of herbs.  It's a perfect snack or can easily enjoy it with plain white rice or with noodle..
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