Mangosteen Juice xanberry

Mangosteen Juice xanberry

Xanberry has formulated mangosteen juice with herbs extract for remarkable health benefits. The juice is rich in phyto nutrients and antioxidants including Zeaxanthin, xanthones, Lutein, Catechin, Gymnema, Phyllemblic Acid, Flavonoids, Phenolic. It's healthy juice for all ages.

       Mangosteen juice is the fruit of health. The fruit is a variety of benefits. To help inhibit the cell to build immunity and reduce inflammation of cells in the body. In order to sustain sustainable health and products from the organic orchard. Free of chemicals and residues.

      Our products are standard and easy to eat.
- The products are up-to-date and can respond to healthy clients.
- XANBERRY is a delicious and easy-to-taste product for all ages.
- XANBERRY has a variety in product formulas. To meet the different needs of customers.
- XANBERRY has high nutritional benefits and is endorsed through research by expert scientists.

       Xanberry has 3 formulas to offer:  

1.Extra: balance and stimulate the body immune system

2.Balance: for body weight control and healthy skin

3.Night: refresh the body, relieve stress and a good night sleep

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