Makeup & Cosmetic

Makeup & Cosmetic

Makeup and cosmetics from Thailand featuring face powder, powder foundation, lip sticks, make up base and more offering from brand owners and manufacturers at wholesale prices with volume discounts, especially for export market.

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Glame Perfect Powder Two Way Foundation, SPF 35 PA+++ PREMIUM

Glame Perfect Powder Two Way Foundation, SPF 35 PA+++

Smooth & Flawless Skin

Sole Distributor Wanted

Perfect Powder Two Way Foundation is a quality guaranteed Thai product with AEC quality awards, offe..

$30.91 Ex Tax: $30.91

BELLA Q, Liquid Eye and Face Glitter

Organic Rosehip Oil

BELLA Q, Liquid Eye and Face Glitter for the shine and bright of your face. With liquide texture, it..

$78.02 Ex Tax: $78.02

Junyanee Lip Matte Organic

Long Lasting Color

Sole Distributor Wanted

Product: Lip matte organic with all-day lasting color, while leaves your lips stay moisturized. Guar..

$6.21 Ex Tax: $6.21

Lapeache Matte Lipstick

Long Lasting & Rich Colors

Sales Agent Wanted

Product: Lapeache Matte Lipstick. Long lasting and very rich color...

$842.96 Ex Tax: $842.96

Lip Matte

Infused Honey & Vitamin C

1 Lip Matte 2 Water Proof/ long Lasts for hours/ you can drink and eat with a little removal 3 smo..

$127.38 Ex Tax: $127.38

Lovely Me Matte Liquid Lipstick

Infused with Vitamin E & Coconut Oil

Use natural organic pigment, this matte liquid lipstick offers mouth-watering, lovely natural colour..

$30.91 Ex Tax: $30.91

Matchbox Cream Blush

Long Lasting & Waterproof

Sales Agent Wanted

Long lasting and waterproof blush for a natural and healthy looking color...

$318.45 Ex Tax: $318.45

Matte Lip Color

Infused with Honey and Vitamin C

Sole Distributor Wanted

1 Carton:   25 pcs x 23 gShelf Life: 24 months Ingredients: ISODODECANE, TRIMETHYL SILOXY..

$133.31 Ex Tax: $133.31

Nitar Liquid Matte Lips with Organic Ingredients

Available in 5 Shades

Product: Matte lip with organic ingredients offering smooth texture. No more dry lips!   S..

$40.59 Ex Tax: $40.59

UZI Matte Liquid lipstick

Ingredients from France & Switzerland

UZI Matte Liquid lipstickrecommends new 14 shades of matte liquid lipstick which main ingredients ar..

$583.20 Ex Tax: $583.20

Waterproof Make Up Powder

All Day Lasting

Make up powder waterproof with dense texture makes it easy to apply. ..

$142.37 Ex Tax: $142.37

Waterproof Puff Powder with Vitamin C

Sunblock Proterction PA 35+++

Waterproof Puff Powder mixed with Vitamin C. It helps control oil for your facial skin. And not..

$103.03 Ex Tax: $103.03

Coral Peach Matte Liquid Lipstick

Long Lasting. Paraben Free

Super Soft Matte Liquid Lipstick with Vitamin E for Moisture. 6-7 Hrs. long lasting. Paraben Free an..

$5.93 Ex Tax: $5.93