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Kua Kling Chili Paste

Kua Kling Chili Paste
Kua Kling Chili Paste
Kua Kling Chili Paste
Kua Kling Chili Paste

Many Southern Thai recipes are spicy by nature. And Kua Kling is one of the cuisine that reflects the authentic of southern Thai taste.

Characterized by its flavorful of hot and spicy, Kua Kling is basically a stir fried dry curry, and can be made with many kinds of meat including pork, chicken, beef or even fish, with spicy curry paste.

It offers the strong taste of mixed spices and herbs made up from Kaffir Lime Leaves, Turmeric and Lemon Grass for instance. And this spicy dish is best with white rice, along  with fresh vegetables.

But in addition to the curry dish, in Thailand you can find this Kua Kling recipe in Chili Paste, made similar way with dry curry.  Yet there are variations of meats and spices being used. But for the original Southern Thai recipe, it's pretty common to find Kua Kling chili paste mixed with fish organ. 

Kua Kling Chili Paste
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  • Name in Thai: น้ำพริกคั่วกลิ้ง
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