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DOI TUNG 100% Arabica Coffee

DOI TUNG 100% Arabica Coffee

DOI TUNG 100% Arabica Coffee is a perfect balance of well-rounded flavor and aroma with a smooth finish at every sip.  It is the joy of coffee lovers who prefer richer flavor and texture. .It is the ideal roast for creating your own coffee.

DoiTung coffee is single origin Arabica grown in the forest shade in Doi Tung in Chiang Rai province. The business is carried out under Doi Tung Development Project for highland minorities who once relied on opium for survival now grow and care for the coffee trees. The coffee helps support the Doi Tung communities’ self-reliance, and allows them to live in harmony with nature.

DOI TUNG 100% Arabica Coffee
  • Brand: DOI TUNG
  • Shelf Life: 12 months
  • MOQ: 1 carton x 12 pcs
  • Name in Thai: ดอยตุง
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  • 😀 💬: Well-rounded flavor and riched texture at every sip.
Country Rate (THB)Time (days) Details
Cambodia 6,700/CBM 1-2 by truck More Info
Malaysia  3,600/CBM 7-15 by truck More Info
Singapore 78/Kg | 8,800/CBM  15-20 by truck | sea More Info
Philippines 85/Kg 15-20 by sea More Info
Myanmar 29/Kg 15-20 by truck More Info
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