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Honey Snacks

Snacks made with fruits, nuts, cereals or grains plus honey are significantly a healthy snack. While the statement remains true, the honey snacks in Thailand  remain popular with many selections to choose from.

While tropical fruit snacks infused with honey like  solar dried banana with honey, nuts with honey mango honey are pretty common in Thailand, coconut toast, cereal, granola, seed with honey are relatively special and certainly a real treat, for instance, black sesame bar with honey, Roasted pumpkin seed with honey,  sunflower with honey, Granola honey and almond mix nut with honey, Crispy Rice & Corn Honey.  Not to mention, there are a wide variety of candies and Lozenge infused with honey or with honey flavor.

Name in Thai: ลูกอมและเม็ดอมผสมน้ำผึ้ง Brand: 10 Brands
Honey candies are popular for soothing your throat, and used by people around the world.  In Thailand, they are just as popular, yet with numerous kinds to satisfy the sweet tooth. While hard candies with refreshing sweet and cool taste can be found in every convenient stores located across nat..
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Name in Thai: ขนมทำจากน้ำผึ้ง Brand: 16 Brands
Home of renown tropical fruits, Thailand has many quality honey bee farms and good producers of nut grain and seeds products. Essentially all the ingredients to make quality HONEY SNACKS are locally available and easily sourced.  Therefore, it's pretty common to find fruit and bean snacks twist..
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