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HEARTBEAT, Heart-Shaped Candy with Variety of Flavors

HEARTBEAT,Heart-Shaped Candy with Variety of Flavors

Heart-shaped candy with individual wrapped, HEARTBEAT is a long-selling candy in Thailand with a vareity flavors including Salak, Strawberry, Chili Salt, Strawberry Lychee and Blue Hawaii Soda. This is lovely candy with secret recipe to give a unique refreshing taste. 24  months shelf life.

  1. HEARTBEAT, Salak - 112 g
  2. HEARTBEAT, Strawberry - 112
  3. HEARTBEAT, Chili Salt - 40 g
  4. HEARTBEAT Jumbo, Strawberry Lychee - 40 g
  5. HEARTBEAT, Blue Hawaii Soda - 30 g
  6. HEARTBEAT, Salak - 19.6 g
  7. HEARTBEAT, Strawberry - 19.6 g

HEARTBEAT, Heart-Shaped Candy with Variety of Flavors
  • From: Wholesaler
  • Brand: HEARTBEAT
  • Shelf Life: 24 months
  • Name in Thai: ฮาร์ทบีท
Product Views: 98
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