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Anti-Aging Herbal Shampoo

Treat & Repair Damaged Hair

1 Carton: 12 bottles x 300 ml.Shelf Life: 24 months Ingredients: Citrus hystrix,..

$145.44 Ex Tax: $145.44

Detoxify Herbal Shampoo from Soap Nut and Activated Charcoal

Absorb Pollution & Promote Hair Growth

1 Carton:  24 bottles x 280 mlShelf Life: 24 months Ingredients: Sapindus Rarak Extract,..

$155.01 Ex Tax: $155.01

Hair Fall Treatment Serum Shampoo

Strengthen Hair Roots & Create New Hairs

Sole Distributor Wanted

Using natural ingredients, this hair fall treatment shampoo mixed with butterfly pea extract help re..

$68.69 Ex Tax: $68.69

Hannah Kaffir Lime Shampoo

Reduce Hair Loss & Itching

Hanna Shampoo is specially formulated to meet the needs of those with hair loss, itchy scalp and dan..

$85.86 Ex Tax: $85.86

Herbal Hair-Thickening Shampoo

Lessens Hair Loss & Increases Hair Density

Sole Distributor Wanted

1 Carton:  12 bottles x 120 mlShelf Life: 12 monthsAbout the Product:Not on..

$8.27 Ex Tax: $8.27

Herbal Shampoo for Hair Loss Prevention

100% Natural. For Sensitive Scalp

Product: Herbal shampoo to help treate hair loss, reduce itchy scalp, dandruff.  100% herbal ex..

$67.44 Ex Tax: $67.44

Herbal Shampoo For Reducing Hair Loss

Hair Loss Solution

Sole Distributor Wanted

This herbal shampoo is great for people who are concerned for their hairs especially those who are s..

$78.05 Ex Tax: $78.05

Herbal Shampoo to Prevent Grey Hair

For Shiny Black Hair

Shampoo and conditioner made from natural herbs to prevent grey hairs and leave your hair shiny with..

$28.10 Ex Tax: $28.10

Kaffir Lime with Activated Charcoal Shampoo

Hair Detoxifying & Dandruff Prevention

1 Carton:  24 bottles x 280 mlShelf Life: 24 months Ingredients: KAFFIR LIME EXTRACT, SOD..

$155.01 Ex Tax: $155.01

OLABO Active Hair Growth Shampoo and Serum

Advanced Technology

Sole Distributor Wanted

Product: OLABO Hair treatment product listed as the brand-new bestseller record in Hair Treatme..

$327.82 Ex Tax: $327.82

Organic Herbal Shampoo for Hair Loss and Hair growth

With Butterfly Pea & Bergamot

Organic Herbal Shampoo for Hair Loss and Hair growth made from organically grown natural ingredients..

$11.86 Ex Tax: $11.86

Kaffir Lime Shampoo

Prevent Dandruff and Hair Loss

Kaffir lime shampoo to prevent dandruff and hair loss..

$113.67 Ex Tax: $113.67

Kaffir Lime Organic Shampoo

Promote Hair Growth

1 Carton: 1 bottle X 250 mlShelf Life: 24 monthsIngredients: Kaffir lime, Bamboo..

$10.33 Ex Tax: $10.33