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Thai snacks with Halal certified

Muslim-friendly snacks from Thailand with Halal certified. 

Name in Thai: อะเกรนส์ Brand: A-GRAINS
A-Grains, granola made from crispy whole-grain oats rich in dietary fiber, calcium and iron.Delicious, crispy, benefit from whole grains (oats)Certified logo healthy choice in the breakfast cereal groupHigh in fiber, iron and calciumEnjoy  with milk, yogurt, fruit or nuts.There are 7 flavors in..
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Name in Thai: บางนารา Brand: BANG NARA
BANG NARA is incredibly tasty fish chips, made from fresh caught fishes from the south of Thailand. They market somewhat low-key, but their products are highly standarded with GMP, HACCP, Thai FDA Certified.BANG NARA, Original - 80 g BANG NARA, Hot & Spicy - 80 gBANG NARA, Seaweed - 80 g..
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Name in Thai: บิสชิน Brand: BISSIN
BISSIN makes splendid crackers and wafers. For crackers, their signature butter coconut is the best. It's crunchy coated coconut butter with aromatic coconut sweet. There are also other varieties such as orange and cream, infused with coconut butter. Oriental crackers styles, intenationally delic..
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Name in Thai: บิสชิน Brand: BISSIN
BISSIN is light crunchy wafer infusing flavorful cream in a wide variety of tastes. From favorite Fruity flavors e.g., Coconut, Orange, Blueberry, Strawberry, Melon and popular flavors including Chocolate, Cocoa, coffee. Halal certified. 12 months shelf life.BISSIN Wafer, Blueberry - 100 gBISSIN Wa..
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Name in Thai: บูโช่ Brand: BOOCHO
BOOCHO, Halal Meat SnacksBoocho Crispy Chicken Skin, Hat Yai Fried Chicken FlavorOil free, fried thin Retain the crispnes. TastySource of keratinGMP certifiedShelfe life 8 months Chicken Chinese SausageNo pork. Muslims can eat/Made from all chicken, tender and less oilyCharcoal cooking aro..
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Name in Thai: ชิคกี้เชค Brand: CHICKY SHAKE
Chicky Shake, High Protein Crispy Chicken Breast. Made from 100% good quality chicken breasts, no flour added, it  is produced by a factory with certified Thai FDA, GMP and HACCP standards. Guilt free snacks suitable for all ages. 12 grams of high proteinUse stevia instead of sugar.NO Suga..
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Name in Thai: โคกี ปังกรอบเนยฟู Brand: COKY
COKY Crispy Butter Toast in Favorite Flavors.  A great butter toast without having a toaster !Baked fresh every dayshelfe life 6 monthsHigh production standards with certified Certified by FDA / Halal / GMPCOKY's Secret Receipt with details attention Great taste guaranteed with the best salesVa..
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Name in Thai: แยมโอแยม Brand: JAM O'JAM
JAM O'JAM, a delicious milk biscuit stuffed with favorite fruit jam flavors i.e. blueberry, strawberry, and pineapple.Crunchy and deliciousHalal certified..
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Name in Thai: จิราพร Brand: JIRAPORN
JIRAPORN Solar Dried BananaMade from fully ripen banana enriched with vitamins,, JIRAPORN Solar Dried Banana is qulity fruit snacks export worldwide. Their process has started from planting their own banan farms to transforming the fully repen and quality selected bananas to dried bananas using sola..
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Name in Thai: แก้วทองม้วน Brand: KAEW
Thai Coconut Roll or 'Thong Muan' in Thai is an authentic Thai snack, traditionally given as present wishing for wealth. Made from fresh squeeze coconut milk, KAEW's coconut rolls are flavored with natural ingredients e.g., Pandan leaves, Durian, Taro, Corn, before get taosted to give every peiece a..
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Name in Thai: ไก๋ไก่ Brand: KAIKAI
Each pack contains potein equivalent to 3 egg whites, Kaikai is Crispy Chicken Skin with 0% fat created from the finest hens Raised in a closed farm system protected pathogens and parasites. No antibiotics No hormonal injection nor any growth accelerators. Special and tasty flavors include Ori..
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Name in Thai: ท็อปโป้ Brand: LOTTE Toppo
LOTTE Toppo are Crunchy Pretzel Sticks filled with various flavored fillings including coco chocolate, creamy vanilla and strawberry. The perfect compination of sweet and savory...
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