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Halal Drinks

Muslim-friendly foods and beverages from Thailand with Halal certified. 

Name in Thai: เขาล้อม Brand: KHAOLOM
Made from quality arabica coffee beans selected from Chiang Mai, KHAOLOM Instant Roasted Arabica Coffee is healthy coffee that contains no trans fats nor sugar. Instead, it's sweetened by natural stevia extract and protein from white beans, black beans, soybeansSweetened by natural steviaHigh protei..
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Name in Thai: เนสท์เล่ Brand: NESTLE
Rich body and creamy Taste, Nestle Krematop coffee creamer is a coffee creamer convenient to use with value pack 1000 gram.Can be stored at "room temperature"Popular in Thailand and Asia.Affordable WholesaleQuality Product from Nestle'..
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Name in Thai: ไวตามิ้ลค์ Brand: VITAMILK
VITAMILK To Go, bottled ready-to-drink soy milk product made from high-quality soybeans. Rich in protein and vitamins that are beneficial to the body. Through meticulous production processes, clean, safe, and standardized. Export worldwide Available for 6 formulas:1. VITAMILK To Go, Original - 300 m..
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Name in Thai: ไวตามิ้ลค์ Brand: VITAMILK
VITAMILK UHT Soy Bean Milk with original and all healthy formulas including Black Sesame, Barley & Malt as well as Less Sugar. Vitamilk UHT soy milk has a balance tastes, contains protein, and omega 3,6,9. VITAMILK UHT also meets the criteria for healthy alternative beverages.1. VITAMILK UHT, O..
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