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GRAINEY Brown Rice Popped Snack

GRAINEY Brown Rice Popped Snack

    GRAINEY, Brown Rice Popped Snack, Snack for healthy people made from jasmine brown rice from Surin. It is then popped through a process similar to popcorn and then rolled into thin strips before being deliciously seasoned. Brown jasmine rice has many benefits, although many properties are still processed.

    • Halal Snacks
    • No MSG
    • Low calories
    • High fiber

    From Jasmine Brown Rice

    GRAINEY Brown Rice Popped Snack
    • Group: Halal Snacks
    • Brand: GRAINEY
    • Shelf Life: 12 months
    • Certified: Halal
    • MOQ: 50 carton x 48 pcs
    • Name in Thai: เกรนเน่ย์
    Product Views: 1070
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    • 😀 💬: From Jasmine Brown Rice
    Country Rate (THB)Time (days) Details
    Cambodia 6,700/CBM 1-2 by truck More Info
    Malaysia  3,600/CBM 7-15 by truck More Info
    Singapore 78/Kg | 8,800/CBM  15-20 by truck | sea More Info
    Philippines 85/Kg 15-20 by sea More Info
    Myanmar 29/Kg 15-20 by truck More Info
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