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Gift-Me Mango and Sticky Rice Freeze Dried

Gift-Me Mango and Sticky Rice Freeze Dried
Gift-Me Mango and Sticky Rice Freeze Dried
Gift-Me 100% Freeze Dried Mango and Sticky Rice
No Preservatives, 100% Natural-Give this brilliant dessert a try!
Mango is known as one of the most Thai famous dessert. It is made from the pure combination of the premium sticky rice and mango from Thailand that can give you the authentic taste of Thai desserts. If you love MANGO, you will love this ready-for-eat dessert from Thailand. The combination of sugar and coconut cream gives this sweet dish a full rich flavor. The bonus - it is so easy to make! What makes it even more delicious is that the custardy texture of the mango allows for it to be mixed right into the coconut-milk-drenched rice, resulting in the most luscious, creamy, fragrant rice pudding, we guarantee you'll ever have tasted.
Gift-Me Mango and Sticky Rice Freeze Dried
  • Business Type: Distributor or Trader
  • Shelf Life: 1 Year
  • Standards: Thai FDA
  • 1 Wholesale Unit: 12 boxes x 50 กรัม
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